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Location of Morbi

Morvi (मोरवी) is a city and district of Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

Variants of name

  • Mayuradhvajapuri मयूरध्वजपुरी दे. Moravi मोरवी (AS, p.711)
  • Moravi (मोरवी), कठियावाड़, गुजरात (AS, p.764)
  • Morbi (मोरबी)


It is situated on the Kathiawar peninsula. The town of Morbi is situated on the river Machhu, 35 km from the sea and 60 km from Rajkot.

Jat gotras

Origin of name


Ram Swarup Joon[1] writes that some Gondal people call themselves descendants of the Chauhans, but others associate themselves with Lord Krishna. According to historical evidence Jarija and Yadu Bhan were two brothers in the dynasty of Krishna. Jarija established his rule in Kathiawar, Gujarat. The present chieftains of Jamnagar, Dharol, Rajkot, Gonal and Morvi belonged to this very dynasty but all of, them now claim to be Rajputs. The Gondal of Rawalpindi, Cambalpur, Shapur, Mainwali are called Jats. Bosal, Tole, Jaspal, Sanatana and Gogh are branches of the Gondals.

During the British Raj era, Morvi State was one of several princely states governed by the Jadeja dynasty of Rajputs. It was classified as an 11-gun salute state.[2] Morbi has many Heritage site like New Palace, Mani Mandir (Vagh Mahel), Darbar Gadh, Zulta Pul (Hanging Bridge), Nagar Darwaja, Green Tower etc.

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