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Pandu ancestry

Pandu (पांडु) was the son of Vichitravirya and his second wife, Ambalika from Vyasa. He was popularly known as the father of the Pandavas.

Pandu got married to Madri, daughter of the King of Madra, and Kunti, daughter of King Kuntibhoja of Vrish. While hunting in a forest, Pandu shot a Rishi (who was engaged in sexual intercourse with his wife); the Rishi cursed him that, whenever he would approach his wife with love he will die. Upset, Pandu renounced his kingdom and lived like a hermit with his wives.

Kunti used her boons given by Sage Durvasa to bear three sons—Yudhishtira (by Lord Yama), Bhima (by Lord Vayu), and Arjuna (by Lord Indra). Also Kunti gave birth to Karna through Surya. She also gave her boons to Madri, who bore Nakula and Sahadeva twins from the physicians to the gods, Ashwini Kumar.

Thus the five Pandavas of Pandu were born.

After 15 years of celibacy, when Kunti and his sons were away, Pandu suddenly became strongly attracted to Madri. Because of the curse, he died after attempting to engage in intercourse with her, and Madri, out of repentance and grief, burnt herself alive on her husband's funeral pyre.

At an age of 19 or 20 he sat on the throne, as his elder brother Dhratrashtra was blind since his childhood.

It is also said that Pandu married Kunti, daughter of Vasudeva's father named Sura and was Buwaji of lord Krishna. The king Kunti Bhoj adopted Kunti as his daughter so, she was also known to be daughter of Bhoj. Paandu's second wife was Maadri, the sister of King Saalva. Paandu had five sons, three; Yudhister, Bhima, Arjun from Kunti and two; Nakul and Sehdeva from Maadri.

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