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Rahir (रहीर) is a gotra of Jats. [1] [2]



Rajatarangini[3] tells us ...At the time of Murder of the king Sussala the king said in anger that he who remains here is a traitor. Only two remained there, the betel-bearer, an old man, and the learned Rahila, the minister for peace and war. At this time Aghadeva and Nishtavaishya, two spies of Tikka, came from him not knowing what Utpala was about.

Rajatarangini[4] tells us ...Rāhila attempted to kill the enemies, but was in the meantime struck twice or thrice by Vyaghra on the back.

James Tod[5] writes ....The Bhatti prince left Lodorva for Dhar at the head of seven hundred horse, and arrived at the same time with the Sisodia and Solanki princes. On his return to Lodorva, he erected a temple to Sheshanaga, close to which he made a lake. By the Puar princess he had a son named Rahir, who had two sons, Netsi and Keksi.



Rahir is a village in Sapotra tahsil in Karauli district in Rajasthan.

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