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Raneela(राणीला), (also Ranila, Ranela) is a large village in Tehsil and district Charkhi Dadri of Haryana.

Note - Before 2017, this village was part of Bhiwani district (Charkhi Dadri district was created on 1 November 2016).


सहू गोत्र की एक छोटी सी सेना थी, जिसमें 80 घुड़सवार थे। सहू गोत्र के प्रमुख गढ़ हैं – धानसिया, दुरजाना, भाड़ंग (चुरू)[1]

भाड़ंग (चुरू) में इनके किले के खंडहर अभी भी मौजूद हैं। कहते है जब यह किला बनाया गया तब एक सारण गोत्र के जाट की बली दी गई थी। इस पर सारण और सहू लोगों में लड़ाई हुई जिसमें सारण विजई हुये। तब से सहू लोग गाँव छोडकर इधर-उधर चले गए। इनमे से कुछ बीबीपुर (जींद), मदनहेड़ी (हिसार) व रानीला (भिवानी) में बस गए। कुछ परिवार उत्तरप्रदेश के मेरठ जिले में आबाद हुये। कुछ मुसलमान बन गए जो अब शहीवाल पाकिस्तान में आबाद हैं। कुछ सिक्ख और बिश्नोई भी बन गए। [2]

Scattered Dadri villages in British territory surrendered

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[3] There were 14 villages, Chang, Mithathal; Bamla, Naorangabad, Bhund, Rankouli, Aon, Bas, Ranela, Saifal, Khairari, Jawa, Bijna, and Changrour, belonging to the Dadri territory but scattered in the Rohtak and Jhajjar districts. The first nine of these had been administered by the District Officer of Rohtak, both as regarded the collection of revenue and criminal jurisdiction, for varying periods, one village having been so administered since 1858, and three since 1853. The criminal jurisdiction of the ninth village, Saifal, had, since 1845, been vested in the Deputy Commissioner of Rohtak, though the Nawab of Dadri had collected


the revenue, and the four last villages, both in fiscal and criminal administration, had been subordinate to the Nawab.

For the convenience of both States, and to preserve a satisfactory boundary, a transfer was proposed of these villages to the British Government, in exchange for others of equal value in the Budhwara and Kanoudh Pargannas of the Jhajjar district. The revenue of the Dadri villages, amounted to Rs. 10,641, and the transferred villages made over to the Raja, viz.: Churkli, Nanda, Tiwali, Siswala, Pachobah Kalan, Pachobah Khurd, and Todhi, were worth Rs. 10,850 a year. The Raja was perfectly satisfied with the transfer, which was approved by the Government of India and carried into effect.

Jat gotras


10,199 persons (2011 Census)[5]

In addition to Jats, this village has also many Rajput families.

Notable persons

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