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Rohri (Urdu: روہڑی‎), (Sindhi:روهڙي), (medievally Aror) is a town of Rohri Taluka, Sukkur District, Sindh province, Pakistan.


It is located at 27°40'60N 68°54'0E,[2] on the east bank of the Indus River.


Aror was the ancient capital of Sindh, originally ruled by the Ror Dynasty. Modern Rohri is situated adjacent to Sukkur, Sindh. In 711 AD, Aror was captured by the army of Muslim general Muhammad Bin Qasim. In 962 it was hit by a massive earthquake that changed the course of the Indus River.

Vasudeva Saran Agrawala writes that, according to his research on Panini's Ashtadhyayi, the ancient name of Rohri was Rauruka -

Panini mentions Sauvira and gives valuable social history of the region.It was home of many Gotras - Phāṇṭahṛiti, Mimata, Bhāgavitti, Tārṇabindava, Akaśapeya, Yamunda and Suyāmā. Bhāgavitti may be identified with the present Bugti tribe on the northern border of Sind. Panini mentions Śarakarā (modern Sukkur on the Indus) as a town (IV.2.83). Pali literature mentions Rauruka (modern Rori in Upper Sind as the capital of Sauvira.[1]

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