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Sahajarao Ranwa or Sahaja founded Saamikhera in 1054 AD.


According to the records of Bard of Ranwa clan, This village was founded by Ranwa Jats. Sahajarao was the ancestor of Ranwa gotra who left Nagaur in vikram samvat 1111 (1054 AD) and founded village Saamikhera and constructed fort and Shiva temple there.

Later on 12 sons of Sahaja founded the villages Jachas, Bhikhanwasi, Khanadi, Karkedi, Maulasar, Makrana, Bai, Buchyasi, Bhurbhura, Jabdinagar, Chausal and Hirani.

In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[1] mentions that during the rule of king Kalasha in Kashmir there was Sahajapala king of Rajapuri who died and was succeeded by his son Sanggramapala. Sahaja was Kalasha's relative, who perished in the affray.[2]

Rajatarangini[3] mentions thatUdaya and Dhanyaka, Kshatriyas, born of Ichchhita family, and Udayabrahma and Jajjala, lords of Champa and Vallapura; Tejahsalhana, the chief of the Hamsa family, who lived at Harihaḍa, and Savyaraja and others of Kshatrikabhinjika ; Nila and others, sons of Viḍāla, born of the family of Bhāvuka ; Ramapala of Sahaja and his young son ; — these and other warriors of renowned families were eager for the well contested battle, and opposed on all sides the enemies who besieged the city. (VIII,p.92-93)

Malashi Ranwa Inscription of the year s.v.1485 (1428 AD)

There is an inscription of the year s.v.1485 (1428 AD) of a Ranwa warrior named Malashi in village Sami at Shiva temple.

The book Arabic, Persian and Urdu Inscriptions of West India by Dr. Ziyaud-Din Abdul-Hayy Desai provides a comprehensive list of more than 2,000 inscriptions from West Indian states. This book mentions about the Inscription of Sami at At S.No. 254.[4]

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