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Shergarh (शेरगढ़) is an ancient village in Pipalda tahsil in Kota district in Rajasthan. It is historical place.


It is 90 miles south-west of Kota.

Jat gotras


Its ancient name was Koshavardhana (कोशवर्धन). There was an epigraph of 10th century, and also of later period refer to building of Jina temples, and also to festival connected with Neminatha at this town.[1]

The Paramara King Bhoja had constructed Mahakaleshwar temple between 1000-1050 AD. We also know from Udayaditya (1070-1080) prasasti at Udaipur as a Nagavanshi Inscription at Mahakal temple. Udayaditya was successor of Jayasimha. We know about nine Inscriptions of Udayaditya at Ujjain, Udaipur, Dhar, Un and Kamed. He was responsible for construction of Nilakantheshwara temple at Udaipur. His Gold coins have been located at Indore. [2]

The Udaipur Stone Inscription of Udayaditya (EI,I,22) states that he was the son of Gyāta, the grandson of Goṇḍala. In the Pathashala of Bhoja, there is an inscription of two verses in Nagabandha figure composed by Udayaditya. Similar verses are also found at Ujjain and Un. He was follower of Shaivism. He granted the village of Vilapadraka to the temple of Somanatha, which was situated in the fort of Koshavardhana i.e. the modern Shergarh (EI, XXIII, pp.131ff). [3]

Shergarh Inscription of 791 CE

In The Indian antiquary, volume 14, page 45 it is written, that an inscription of the Nagavanshi rulers dated January 15, 791 CE was found at Shergarh, District Kotah, Rajasthan. In that inscription the names of four Jat kings is mentioned - Bindunaga, Padmanaga, Sarvasara, and Devadatta. This tells us the name queen of Sarvanaga as Shree and Devadatta has been mentioned as Samanta. [4]

इण्डियन एंटीक्वेरी जिल्द 14, पृ० 45 पर लिखा है कि शेरगढ़ (कोटा राज्य) के द्वार पर नागवंशज राजाओं का शिलालेख, 15 जनवरी 791 ई० का खुदवाया हुआ मिला है जिसने उस स्थान पर विन्दुनाग, पद्मनाम, सर्वनाग, देवदत्त नामक चार नाग नरेशों का शासन होना सिद्ध होता है। [5]

Shergarh Inscription of v.s.879 (AD 822) of Samanta Devadatta

Fleet gives information about Shergarh Inscription of v.s.879 (AD 822) of Samanta Devadatta.[6]

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