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Location of Villages around Churu

Sirsala (सिरसला) is a village in tehsil Churu of Churu district in Rajasthan.


Saran Jats[1][2]


It is situated at a distance of 25 km from Churu in the north direction on Rajgarh road. It is located on Delhi-Bikaner rail line. This is an old historical village founded thousand years back. This is a well-connected village. The water in village is hard. There is a sati in the village worshipped since last 500 years, an annual fair is also organized here. As of 2001 census the population of the village is 5991 out of them 1750 are SC and 188 are ST.


Rajatarangini[3] tells us that ....Udaya who worked hard, until he fainted, in collecting an army, heard that in the town of Shankaravarmma, Lothana had joined Alankarachakra, and he also heard that Vigraharaja, son of king Sussala, and Bhoja, son of Salhana,had come with Lothana. Then when their insurrection had gained strength, Udaya hurriedly marched in one day over the road which is traversed in many days. The Damara (Alankarachakra), unable to take possession of Kantha with his own party, was at a loss, and on being checked in his movements by Udaya's attack, he fled and took shelter in the fort of Shirahshila, situated on the banks of the Sindhu, where the Madhumati also flowed with its pearl like beauty. (p.223)


भाड़ंग (Bharang) राजस्थान में चुरू जिले की तारानगर तहसील में चुरू से लगभग 40 मील उत्तर में बसा एक गाँव है. यह राठोड़ों के आगमन से पहले सारण जाटों की राजधानी थी. खेजड़ा, फोग , बुचावास , सूई , बदनु , सिरसला आदि इस राज्य में जिलों के नाम थे.


As per Census-2011 statistics, Sirsala village has the total population of 2951 (of which 1514 are males while 1437 are females).[4]

Jat Gotras

There are 600 families residing in the village out of them 150 families are of Saran Jats. The biggest Jat gotra in the village is Saran.

other castes in village are rajput (100), brahman (50), kumhar (50), meena (2), nai (50)


चूरू जनपद के जाट इतिहास पर दौलतराम सारण डालमाण[5] ने अनुसन्धान किया है और लिखा है कि पाउलेट तथा अन्य लेखकों ने इस हाकडा नदी के बेल्ट में निम्नानुसार जाटों के जनपदीय शासन का उल्लेख किया है जो बीकानेर रियासत की स्थापना के समय था।

क्र.सं. जनपद क्षेत्रफल राजधानी मुखिया प्रमुख ठिकाने
2. सारण (सारणौटी) 360 गाँव भाडंग पूलाजी सारण खेजड़ा , फोगां , धीरवास , भाडंग , सिरसला , बुच्चावास , सवाई, पूलासर, हरदेसर, कालूसर, बन्धनाऊ , गाजूसर, सारायण, उदासर


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