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Shiv Dhyan Singh of Pisawa

Shivdhyan Singh (शिव ध्यान सिंह) was the Raja of princely state Pisawa in tahsil Gabhana of Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh. Pisawa was a Tomar Riyasat. The Tomars of Pisawa were originally from village Prithla (Palwal) Haryana. Chiefs of Pisawa belong to Tomar Tanwar Gotra.[1]


Ram Sarup Joon[2] writes that the Chiefs of Pisawa belong to Chabuk Tanwar Gotra and chiefs of Nogaja in district Jullundur also belong to this gotra. According to "Todd's Rajasthan" residents of Bhan were called Bhind.

Pisawa in district Aligarh was a Tomar state. They came from village Prathala now in district Palwal (old district Faridabad and Gurgaon). The Pisawa fort is related with Sardar Mukhram (Tomar), his son Bhagat Singh in year 1883 was given in settlement for 20 years by the Aligarh Collector Starling. Shivdhyan Singh (Shyodan Singh), Giriraj Singh, Vikram Singh, Guljar Singh and Gulbir Singh were brothers.

Shivdhyan Singh had two sons, 1. Rajendra Singh, 2. Ramkishan Singh. It is here to mention that sister of Shivdhyan Singh was married to Baba Sawan Singh (Grewal), the second GURU (1903-1948)of Radha Swami Satang Beas (RSSB), who was an engineer from Thomson college (now IIT Roorkee) and joined MES. Later he became Guru of RSSB.

Giriraj Singh had two sons, 1. Ramkumar Singh, 2. Krashan Kumar Singh (KK Singh ex.IAS UP Cadre).

Vikram Singh had two sons, 1. Surendrapal Singh, 2. Devendrapal Singh. Devendrapal Singh was a politician and remained Chairman of Co Operative Bank & M.L.C. His wife Usharani Tomar was M.P (Aligarh Loksabha, 1984-1989)

Guljar Singh has one son, Mahendra Singh. Mahendra Singh was married (11-12-1969) with Smt.Renuka Kaur d/o Maharaja Brijendra Singh of Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Gulbir Singh has one son, Brajraj Singh (MBBS), who has two sons, 1. Chadrraj Singh, 2. Inderraj Singh (MBBS out of India).

Presently Chandrraj is living in Pisawa.

Shivdhyan Singh, Vikram Singh were awarded the title of Ray Sahab, Roy Bahadur by British Govt. Locally all were popularly called as Kunwar Sahab and Tomar was their gotra, while in writing use as Tomar or Tanwar as surname.

At the time of Shivdhyan Singh and Vikram Singh common facilities were available in Pisawa, like Govt.Junior high school, Vikram Seva Sadan Inter college, Primary health centre, Veterinary hospital, co operative seed store, Post office, electricity, telephone, roadways bus service Pisawa Aligarh and Private bus service Pisawa-Khurja.

Weekly market called Penth or bazar on every Wednesday and Saturday and on Sunday there held animal market. After that two facilities have been added,Bank and Police Station in Pisawa.

Radha Swami Satsang Ashram where every Sunday Satsang organised. Expect agriculture work , horse businesses,horticulture(Bag) were main.

Pisawa is a town and big Panchayat, it covers the villages Pisawa, Jalalpur, Sherpur,Nagala Postika (Faridpur), Nagala Bhupsingh and Sujabalgarh.

Source - Ranvir Singh Tomar (Mob:9425137463)

पिसावा के राजा शिव ध्यान सिंह

पिसावा के राजा शिव ध्यान सिंह

पिसावा के राजा शिव ध्यान सिंह। वे पिसावा के अंतिम शासक थे। पिसावा अलीगढ़ के तोमरों की राजधानी है। यहां तोमरों के करीब 20 गांव है, इनमें मुख्य गांव डेटा खुर्द, है। इसी गांव से पिसावा रियासत की नींव रखी गई थी। इस गांव में एक अमर सिंह तोमर नाम के योद्धा भी था जिसने खैर पर कब्जा किया था। डेटा खुर्द गांव मुख्य रूप से इसलिए जाना जाता है क्योंकि यह गांव सेना रखता था और हर युद्ध में अपनी सेनाएं भेजता था।। यह गांव शेरशाह सूरी के समय में बसा था जो कि गांव पृथला (पलवल) से आए अजयपाल और विजयपाल ने इस गांव को बसाया था।

संदर्भ: रणवीर सिंह ग्वालियर (मो. 9425137463)

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