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Abra (अबरा)[1][2]/ Abara (अबारा)[3] Abrah (अबराह)[4] [5] Abara (अबरा) Avra (अवरा) Avrah (अवराह) Avara (अवारा)[6] Avar (अवार) Abar (अबार) Abro (अबरो) is gotra of Jats found in Pakistan and Iran. In addition, Avra is a place name in Madhya Pradesh. Abra (अबरा) Jat clan is found in Afghanistan.[7] Avara is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.


It is said that they used to wander aimlessly here and there so they began to be called called Avara. Their state was called Avaria. [8]


B S Dahiya[9] writes: A country called Abarnium, along with another called Gutium was known in Sumer and Babylon. Abars or Avars are known in Central Asia. Aberia was their country in India. The Abara Jats of Multan (Pakistan) are now Muslims by faith.

Mahabharata mentions a country named Aparanta (अपरांत).

According to H.A. Rose [10]Abra (अबरा), an ancient tribe of Jat status is found in Sindh and the Bahawalpur State. It is credited with having introduced the arts of agriculture into the south-west Punjab and Sindh as the the proverb shows: —

Karn bakhshe kiror.
Abra bakhshe hal di or.
Meaning- 'Let Raja Karan give away crore of rupees, the Abra will give what he earns by the plough.'
The tribe is also said to be an offshoot of the Sammas and is numerous in Bahawalpur.


Subodh Kapoor [11] mentions that Maghazzi is one of three great tribes of Baluchistan, the other two being the Nahrui and Kind. Jell and Shadia are the chief towns of Maghazzi, who have been located for long time in Kachi. They are divided into four principal clans, of which the Bhutani is the more illustrious and furnishes the Sirdar of the whole. The Maghazzi and the Rind are alike addicted to the abuse of ardent spirits bhang and opium. Their clans are the Abra, Birdi, Isobani, Jakra, Jakrani, Jatki, Kakrani, Kalandarani, Lashari, Maghzi, Mntaiki, Musani, Nari, Turbandzai and Unar.

Maghazzi also knows as Magzi or Magsi. Maghazzi is a Baloch tribe, and Baloch are also mentioned as Jat clan. So, Birdi is showing as a clan of Maghazzi in this book so Birdi are also be called as Jats as branch of Maghazzi.

Archeological excavations

Avra[12] is a place in Madhya Pradesh where the State Archaeology Department carried out excavation during 1960 and 1961 under the direction of Dr. H. V. Trivedi. It is located in the Garoth Pargana of the Mandsaur District of Madhya Pradesh. It is about six miles west of Chandwasa a small town which has a Rest House and is connected by a metalled road of fourteen miles from Shamgarh, a Railway Station between Ratlam and Kotah on the Western Railway.

The village is situated about half a mile east of the Chambal. Between the river and the modem habitation there is a series of mounds, high and low, the top of two which nestled the village until about 10-12 years back when its inhabitants shifted to a safer place nearby because of the threat of the river, the mounds are separated from each other by small and broad depressions and rain gullies, some of which might represent old streets. The chain of mounds, however, creates an impression that they contain the remains of an extensive and populous city which grew along the bank of the river rather than at right angles to it as has been the case with most of the ancient cities in India, like Ujjain and Maheshwar in this State and Hastinapura, Pataliputra and Kausambi outside.

The old name of Avra appears to be Apara, as we find on a terracotta seal recovered during the course of the excavation. The name Apara probably might have later on corrupted into Avra.

Distribution in Pakistan

The Abara Jats found in Multan (Pakistan) are now Muslims by faith.

Abro tribe is found in Khairpur Sindh, Thatta districts in Pakistan

Distribution in Dagestan, Russia

The city Makhachkala (Dagestan, Russia) has an ethnic plurality, with the Avars and Laks as the largest groups.


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