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Location of Badli in Jhajjar district

Badli (बादली, बादळी) village is one of the largest villages in Jhajjar district in Haryana.

on 1 November 2016, Haryana Government announced that Badli would get the status of an independent Block and a sub-Tahsil within Jhajjar district.


It is situated in east of Jhajjar near Delhi border (on Najafgarh-Jhajjar Road).


The Founders


Badli is Jat gotra 'Gulia's Khap headquarters. According to Ram Swarup Joon,[1] Badra Sen was an officer in the army of Prithvi Raj. Badli Pargana was his estate. He belonged to a Dhulia family of Indergarh. Before the Chauhan rule, Bhadra, Ajmer, Indergarh etc. were the capitals of the Gor Jats. The Khokhar Jats slayed Mohammad Ghori near Multan. There was a woman named Bodli. The village was named Badli in her honour.

Sant Sarang Dev's samadhi (shrine) still exists at Badli and is widely worshipped.

These Gulia Jats were very spirited heroes. When Timur was supervising the massacre of Delhi, a Gulia youth, named, Harveer Gulia is said to have assaulted him. There are 24 villages of Gulias around Badli (Jhajjar district) and two other villages (Rurki and Sabti) a bit away from there. There are 12 more villages across the Yamuna.

Jats of this villages took active part in 1857 War of Indian Independence. Badli is also the name of a constituency of Haryana Vidhan Sabha .

Jat Gotras


According to 2001 census, the population of Badli was 13477 (Male: 7506, Female: 5971).

Notable Persons

  • Ch. Gulab Singh of Badli village was the Diwan in the office of the last Nawab of Jhajjar Abdul Rahman Khan who reigned Jhajjar during 1845-1857. After the freedom struggle of 1857, the Nawab was hanged to death in front of Red Fort (Delhi) by the Britishers because he had taken part in armed rebellion against Britishers.
  • Harveer Gulia - He fought with Timur who was badly injured and died a few weeks later.
  • Major Chandan Singh - MBE First Instructor in IMA Dehradoon - fought in World War II
  • Risaldar Sarup Singh - A prominent person who also fought election against Sir Chhotu Ram. - चौ० छोटूराम के खिलाफ बादली के रिसलदार सरूपसिंह खड़े हुए थे। साल्हावास गांव के एक धनी सेठ ने पोलिंग से पहली रात को सब तरफ ऊंटों पर अपने आदमी भेजकर यह मशहूर करा दिया कि गुलिया चौबीसी खाप की पंचायत ने फैसला रिसलदार साहब के हक में किया है। पंचायत का ढोंग भी रचकर विरोधी भाई से रिसलदार के समर्थन का फैसला भी सुनवा दिया। षड्यंत्र को जानते हुए भी चौ० छोटूराम ने कहा, ‘पंचों की आज्ञा सिर माथे पर’। इसके बाद वे चुनाव मैदान से लौट आये, अपने कार्यकर्त्ताओं तथा पोलिंग एजेंटों को भी वापिस बुला लिया। फिर भी सालहावास के पोलिंग स्टेशन तक 202 मतों से आगे पहुंचे, परन्तु सालहावास आकर 22 मतों से रिसलदार सरूपसिंह जीत गये।[3]
  • Dhirpal Singh - remained MLA in Haryana Vidhan Sabha and Minister in Haryana Government for more than 10 years. He passed away on 17 May 2014.
  • Risaldar Mukh Ram
  • Jemadar Gopal Singh
  • Risaldar Phool Singh
  • Captain Sardar Bahadur Bhola Singh Gulia, OBI (1st Class), Indian Survey Regiment of Badli, Haryana.

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