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Brigadier Ran Singh son of Subedar Major Kehri Singh of Dighal village. Subedar Major Kehri Singh was a close relative of Capt. Dalpat Singh. He was from 1st Jat Regiment and saw action in the First World War in France and Palestine. Subedar Major Kehri Singh distinguished himself and was honoured with title of Rai Bahadur and 100 acres of land was granted in Layelpur, now in Pakistan. He was also made Magistrate and Sub Registrar at Rohtak. He was granted 100 acres of land at Layalpur, Pakistan. After partition, he was granted 60 acres of land in village Dujana.

Ran Singh was educated in King Georges Royal Military School, Ajmer. These schools are now called Rashtriya Military Schools. He was commissioned in 1940 in 3 Jat and saw action in 2nd World War in Assam and Burma as part of the famous 14th Army of then General William Slim, that drove the Japanese out of Burma. In 1948, Lt. Colonel Ran Singh commanded 3 Jat in Kargil. He, with Rustamji IPS, were instrumental in formation of BSF and particularly BSF Academy at Takenpur.

His son Capt. Badan Singh was educated at Doon School and after ISC from Doon in 1955, joined the NDA. He was a boxing blue at NDA and IMA and won the Gulmarg Skiing championship two times. He was commissioned in 3 Para Regiment. He volunteered for a hazardous work in the snow in Kashmir in 1963. All of them died in an avalanche and a monument exists to the officers and men at the spot. Brig Ran Singh was then commanding 161 Brigade in Kashmir.

Brig. Ran Singh won the Beri Vidhan Sabha election in 1968 and was Speaker of the Haryana Assembly from 1968 to 1972. His inability to get along with Bansi Lal forced him to leave the Congress Party and he again won from Beri seat in 1977 and was Speaker for a short time in 1977-78, when he resigned from the seat in 1978 after Bhajan Lal joined Congress with all the MLA's.

The Govt. College in Dujana was started by Brig. Ran Singh and later taken over by Haryana Government. The college is named after Brig Ran Singh. In his memory, Brig. Ran Singh Public school is functioning at Dujana. This school has three buildings and more than 1000 students are studying in the school.

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