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Genealogy of Jind Rulers

Bulaki Singh (d.1785) was Sidhu - Jat ruler of Jind in Haryana.

The origin of the family of Jhind

Lepel H. Griffin writes: [1] Until the time of Chaudhri Phul (Sidhu - Jat clan), the history of the Pattiala and the Jhind families are the same, and there is no occasion to repeat here what has already been recorded regarding it.* (See:The Rajas of the Punjab by Lepel H. Griffin/The History of the Patiala State)

Tilokha, the eldest son of Phul, had two sons, Gurditta and Sukhchen.

From the elder Gurditta has descended the Nabha family, and from the younger Sukhchen the Chiefs of Jhind, Badrukhan and Bazidpur.

Tilokha succeeded his father as Chaudhri, but although he thus became the head of the family, he was not a man of any energy, and made no attempt to increase his share of the estate.

Sukhchen, the second son, was a simple zamindar, and nothing worthy of record is known of him, except his marriage to Agan, the daughter of Chuhr Singh, a Bhullar Jat of Mandi, who bore him three sons,

He founded several new villages, one of which, called after his own name, he gave to his youngest son Bulaki Singh ; and a second, Balanwali, to Alam Singh. After having made his division of his estate, he continued to reside with his second son Gajpat Singh, at the ancestral village of Phul, where he died, aged seventy-five, in the year 1758.

* Ante, pp. 2-9


The following is the genealogy of the Jhind family (as pictured).

It is with Gajpat Singh that Jhind history is specially concerned, and the briefest notice is required of the other sons of Sukhchen.

Alam Singh, the eldest son of Sukhchen

Alam Singh, the eldest, was a brave soldier, and distinguished himself in many fights With the Imperial troops.

After the conquest of Sirhind, in 1763, he took possession of a considerable tract of country, but was killed the following year by a fall from his


horse. He left no children, though he had married three times. His first wife was of a Gill family of Cholia Chubara, his second the daughter of Man zamindar of Maur Saboki, and the last a girl, Mala by name, whom he had induced to elope from the house of her Either a Dhaliwal zamindar.

Bulaki Singh:

Bulaki Singh, the youngest son of Sukhchen, was the ancestor of the Dialpuria Sirdars, of whom a notice has been already given in the chapter on the Minor Phulkian Houses. He died in 1785.

जींद राज्य का वंश-वृक्ष

बुलाकीसिंह (d.1785)[2] पटियाला-स्टेट एवं जींद-स्टेट दोनों राजवंश के पुरखा चौधरी फूल की चौथी पीढ़ी में सिद्धू गोत्र का जाट था। जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज (पृ.476-77) से इनका इतिहास नीचे दिया जा रहा है।

चौधरी फूल के बड़े लड़के तिलोका के दो पुत्र हुए- गुरुदत्तसिंह और सुखचैन। बड़े भाई गुरुदत्तसिंह के वंशज नाभा-स्टेट और छोटे भाई सुखचैन के रियासत जींद, सरदार बड़रूखांबाजेदपुर थे।

अपने पिता के पश्चात् तिलोका को चौधरायत मिली, परन्तु वह इतना होशियार न था कि रियासत की उन्नति करता।

तिलोका का दूसरा बेटा सुखचैन जिसके वंशज जींद स्टेट के राजगान थे, एक जमींदार की हैसियत से था। इसकी शादी मंडी गांव के एक जाट के यहां हुई थी। इसने अपने नाम पर एक गांव भी बसाया था, जो अपने छोटे बेटे बुलाकीसिंह को दिया था। इस तरह के बटवारे के पश्चात् वह अपने बेटे गजपतसिंह के साथ गांव फूल में रहा करता था और सन् 1751 में 75 वर्ष की उम्र में देहान्त हो गया।

सुखचैन का विशेष इतिहास नहीं मिलता। इसके तीन लड़के थे - आलमसिंह, गजपतसिंह और बुलाकीसिंह। आलमसिंह से इस स्टेट का इतिहास पूरा मिलता है।

सरदार बुलाकीसिंह दयालपुर का पुरखा है जो फुलकियां खानदान की मशहूर जागीर है।

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