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Dhaliwal (धालीवाल) (ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ) (ڈھالیوال) [1] or Dhariwal (धारीवाल) (ਧਾਰੀਵਾਲ) (دهارِيوال‎)[2] is a Clan in the Jats mostly of the Jat Sikh(Jatt) found in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.They are found in the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi-NCR. Since last century, they have been settled outside Indian subcontinent like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom,Australia and other countries.


Dhaliwals are said to be Gotra of rulers of Gupta Empire. This has been proved by studying the historical Plates of Poona that Guptas were Dharans or Dhaliwals. A study is going on to check the Bhatti lineage of Dhaliwals.

Some other sources suggest about how "Dhaliwal" word got existence. According to those, there was a Jat tribe who used to rear white cows in abundance which was locally called as Dhaul. Earlier they were called Dhaulpal or the one who rear white cows aka Dhaul. With the passage of time and changing of dialects, Dhaulpal word modified to Dhaliwal.


Dhaliwal Jats are said to be descended from Gupta Empire.They are said to be descendants of a Bhatti Jats. Some sources suggest that they are from Dholpur. The name changed to Dhaliwal in Malwa and Dhariwal in Majha. Dhaliwal people settled in Jodhpur and Bangar of Rajasthan Ghaggar banks which were inhabited by a slim section called Pachahda who were often clashing with Dandwalis and Gills and some times went ahead to disturb the Chahals of Khiala village. Once, the Pachahda attack got really intense and the Chahals went to their maternal grandfather Sidh Dhaliwal in Bangar. They came back with his hordes and met Pachahdas near Sardulgarh. The Pachahda chief Baba Dalla was slained in the ensuing battle. Baba Sidh’s army also suffered heavily and Pachahdas kept following his army. At last Baba Sidh was also slained near village Bhama.

The remaining members of Sidh’s army founded Bhama Kalan, Bhama Khurad, Raman Nandi, Bajewala villages in Sardulgarh of Moga District and later Dhaula and Tapa. Then they founded Nihal Singh Wala, Dhaliwal Bet in Kapurthala and Dhariwal in Gurdaspur.

Dhaliwal community settled in the area of Jhunir for the first time either at the end of 11th century or beginning of 12th century. There are many Dhaliwal villages around Jhunir. Dandiwals fought against them and forced them to retract towards Kangar. Dhaliwals defeated Cheemas and captured Kangar. They built a fort at Kangar and moved toward Moga, Punjab. At Dina which is 2 km at North of Kangar was visted by the Tenth Sikh Guru , Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and here Guruji wrote the famous 'zafarnama' to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

H.A. Rose on Dhaliwal

H.A. Rose[3] mentions that Dhariwal, Dhāriwāl, Dhaniwāl or Dhāliwāl, (or, in Karnal, Phor) Jats, for the name is spelt in all three ways, are said to be Bhattis, and to take their name from their place of origin Dharanagar.

They are found chiefly on the Upper Sutlej and in the fertile district to the west, their head-quarters being the north-western corner of the Malwa, or Ludhiana, Ferozepur, and the adjoining parts of Patiala.

Mr. Brandreth describes them as splendid cultivators, and the most peaceful and con- tented portion of the population of the tract. Akbar conferred the title of Mian on Mihr Mitha and gave him 120 villages around Dhaula and Kangar in jagir.

The Dhaliwals have undoubtedly been settled in that part from an early period, and the south-east angle of the Moga tehsil is still called the Dhaliwal tappa. Mitha's descendants are still called Mian, but they are said not to have been converted to Islam though for several generations their leaders bore distinctly Muhammadan names. However this may be Mihr Mitha is now their sidh with a shrine at Lallawala in Patiala, and on the 2nd sudi of each month sweetened- bread and milk are offered to it. In Sialkot, however, their sidh is called Bhoi and his seat is said to be at Janer Fatta.

The Dhaliwals are divided into two groups, Udhi or Odi and Moni or Muni (who alone are said to be followers of Mihr Mitha in Gujranwala) .

Dhaliwal Legends

Dhaliwal people are brave, knowledgeful and big hearted among Jats. There are lots of examples of scholars, spritiual leaders, saints and warriors in this Gotra.

Bhagat Dhanna was a devotee and a Gurmukh, born in village of Dhuan Kalan in 1415, on April 20th near Deoli city, in the Tonk district, Rajasthan, present day North West India. His Bani is included in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Though born in a Jat Hindu family of the Dhaliwal Clan, he rejected all Hindu traditions and rituals when he came in contact with Gurmukhs. He found God from his heart. He choose to control his desires and to have the only one desire for God. He was a farmer by profession. The 5th Nanak said Bhagat Dhanna Ji served the Lord, with the innocence of a child. He followed commands of the Lord after realising the true way of the Lord.

During the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar there was a landlord whose name was Chaudhary Mihr Mitha Dhaliwal. He had a beautiful and young daughter Dharam Kaur to whom Akbar wanted to marry. Akbar sent a marriage proposal to Chaudhary Mehar Mithe in which he mentioned that if Ch. Mihr Mitha gave his daughter to Akbar then he would be rewarded with Jagirs. Chaudhary Mehar Mithe organised Khap meeting to discuss this issue and all the members of Khap Panchayat decided that they would not give their to daughter to a non-Jat man. This shows how rooted Dhaliwals are to their ethics and culture.

Out of 12 Misls of Sikhs, one of them Karorsinghia Misl were of Dhaliwals which were represented by Baba Baghel Singh Dhaliwal Ji.Dhaliwals under the leadership of Baba Baghel Singh Dhaliwal fought against the Mughals and took control over Delhi. The place in Delhi where thirty thousand troops of Misl had their base is now famously called Tis Hazari Court. Also after tremendous win over Mughals, Baba Baghel Singh Dhaliwal distributed sweets near Old Delhi Railway Station and this place is now called as 'Pul Mithayi' in Delhi. The credit of construction of all historical Gurudwaras in Delhi also went to Baba Baghel Singh Dhaliwal. After a treaty with Emperor of Delhi , Babaji moved back to Punjab but most of Dhaliwals decided to settle in Delhi and western Uttar Pradesh. Dhaliwals went to Haridwar and practiced the holy Ganga Snan on the bank of Gurudwara Gyan Godri Sahib to convey their gratitude for win over Delhi. They settled in Saharanpur, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Hapur, Gajraula, Moradabad and Amroha.

Excerpts from Jat History

Dalip Singh Ahlawat writes -

फिरोजपुर जिले के एक दोलाकाँगड़ा नामक गांव में धारीवाल गोत्र का चौधरी मीरमत्ता रहता था। उसकी पुत्री धर्मकौर बड़ी बलवान् एवं सुन्दर थी। एक बार सम्राट् अकबर दौरे पर उस मीरमत्ता के गाँव के समीप से जा रहा था। उसने देखा कि मीरमत्ता की उस सुन्दर पुत्री ने पानी का घड़ा सिर पर रक्खे हुए, अपने भागते हुए शक्तिशाली बछड़े को उसके रस्से पर पैर रख कर उस समय तक रोके रक्खा जब तक कि उसके पिता मीरमत्ता ने आकर उस रस्से को न पकड़ लिया। अकबर यह दृश्य देखकर चकित रह गया और उस लड़की के बल एवं सुन्दरता को देखकर मोहित हो गया। अकबर ने मीरमत्ता को उसकी इस पुत्री का अपने साथ विवाह करने का आदेश दे दिया। मीरमत्ता ने जाट बिरादरी से सलाह लेने का समय माँगा। इस पर विचार करने के लिए 35 जाटवंशीय खापों की पंचायत एकत्रित की गई जिसके अध्यक्ष सिन्धु जाट गोत्र के चंगा चौधरी थे। पंचायत ने सर्वसम्मति से प्रस्ताव पास किया कि “अकबर को लड़की नहीं दी जायेगी। यदि वह अपना सैनिक बल लगाकर लड़की को ले जाने का यत्न करेगा तो उसके साथ युद्ध करके अपने धर्म की रक्षा हेतु मर मिटेंगे।” यह प्रस्ताव लेकर चँगा और मीरमत्ता अकबर के दरबार में पहुंचे। सिन्धु जाट चँगा ने निडरता एवं साहस से पंचायत का निर्णय अकबर को सुनाया। अकबर ने चँगा जाट को चौधरी की उपाधि देकर आपसी मेलजोल स्थापित कर लिया। देखो जाटवीरों का इतिहास, तृतीय अध्याय, सिन्धु गोत्र प्रकरण)।

जाटों ने अपनी किसी भी लड़की का डोला मुगल बादशाहों, मुसलमानों तथा किसी अन्य जाति के पुरुष को नहीं दिया। यह जाटों की गौरवशाली विशेषता है जिससे संसार में इनका मस्तक सदा उँचा रहता आया है। इनके ऐसे उदाहरणों से इतिहास भरे पड़े हैं। यदि किसी ईर्ष्यालु लेखक ने यह बात लिखी भी है कि जाटों ने अपनी लड़कियों के डोले किसी अन्य धर्मी या अन्य जाति के लोगों को दिये, तो यह बात बेबुनियाद, मनगढंत, प्रमाणशून्य और अमाननीय है। (लेखक)[4]

Monuments of Dhaliwals

Sardar Bahadur Bakshi Ganda Singh Dhaliwal Haveli, Gurbaxpura, Sangrur

Gurbaxpura is a village in tahsil Dhuri of Sangrur district in Punjab. Sardar Bahadur Bakshi Ganda Singh Dhaliwal Haveli is located at Village Ganda Singh Wala (Gurbaxpura) teh Dhuri District Sangrur, Punjab.

Haveli of Dhaliwal Jats at Rajomajra (Sangrur, Punjab)

Trend of Courtsey Title

People of Dhaliwal Gotra following Sikhism put the title "Sardar" before their names and called as Dhaliwal Sardars.Whereas Hindu and Muslim Dhaliwals use "Chaudhary" before their names.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Dhaliwal named Village is in Batala tahsil in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Villages in Patiala district

The population of Dhaliwal in Patiala district is 54,000. It appears that this clan has settled in this area around 12th or 13th century A.D. from Jaisalmer. Dhaliwals are mainly to be found in the sub-districts of Bhatinda and Bhikhi and their important septs are Mani, Rureka, Ramana, Udi, and Dina.[5]

Villages in Moga district


Villages in Ludhiana district

  • Chak Kalan (Ludhiana West Tahsil) has the population of Dhaliwals.

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Dhaliwal (धालीवाल) is village in tahsil and district Hoshiarpur

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Kapurthala district

Villages in Amritsar district

Jhabal Kalan,

Villages in Sangrur district

Ahmedgarh, Dhaliwalbas, Jakhepal,

Villages in Mansa district

Bajewala, Dhaula-Barnala, Raman Nandi

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Yamunanagar district

Chaurahi, Telipura, Diyalgarh, Tarunwala, Nagla Jagir,

Villages in Karnal district

Jatpura, Dabri,

Villages in Panipat district


Villages in Jind district

Chhapar in Safidon Tehsil ,

Villages in Kaithal district


Villages in Palwal district


Villages in Gurgaon district

Jaurasi, Fatehpur, Rangala,

Villages in Faridabad district

Jawan, Jaye,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Churu district

Dhariwal Jats are found in villages: Dhani Dungarsinghpura, Dhariwal Ki Dhani, Jetpura Churu,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Hapur District

Akkhapur, Phuldahara,

Villages in Jyotiba Phule Nagar District

Alipur Kalan-Amroha, Jagwa Khurd,Bhera Bharatpur,

Villages in Muzzafarnagar District


Villages in Moradabad District


Villages in Lakhimpur Kheri District

Bhagwant Nagar, Dhaka(Pakaria), Gajraura,

Villages in Meerut District

Dhanju, Rahawati,

Villages in Sambhal District

Mehmoodpur Kunj,

Distribution in Uttarakhand

Villages in Haridwar district

Mohmadpur Jat,

Distribution in Pakistan

The Dhaliwal or Dhariwal are a major Jat clan in Mandi Bahauddin district. They are also found in Gujranwala, Sialkot, Lahore and Narowal.

Villages in Sialkot District


Notable Persons

There are many well known people with this surname:

  • Dhanna Bhagat - Reformer
  • Baghel Singh Dhaliwal - Punjab Chief
  • Baba Siddh Bhoi Ji, the famous warrior and martyr.
  • Chaudhary Mihr Mitha Dhaliwal
  • Abu Anees Muhmmad Barkat Ali, popularly known as Barkat Ali Ludhianavi was a famous Sufi saint of Qadiri Order. Founder of the non-political, non-profit, religious organisation, Dar-ul-Ehsan.
  • Sardar Sewa Singh Thikriwala (1886–1935),was a leader of the Praja Mandal movement in Patiala, a former princely state.
  • Sirdar Kapur Singh
  • Sardar Surjeet Singh Barnala, was a Politician and former CM of Punjab.
  • Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal- aka Deputy Dhaliwal shot dead at Houston , Texas (United States). First Sikh Police officer in US.
  • Daljit Dhaliwal is a popular host of Talk show on BBC and started her career as a news reader.
  • Darshan Singh Dhaliwal owns more than 500 gas stations in many states in United States.
  • Herb Dhaliwal was the first Sikh-Canadian Member of the Canadian Parliament and the first Sikh-Canadian to become a federal minister in the Jean Chretien government in Canada.
  • Gagandeep Dhaliwal, founder G. D. Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Sukh Dhaliwal is a businessman and politician in British Columbia, Canada. He is the Liberal member of the Canadian Parliament for Newton — North Delta since the 2006 Canadian federal election.
  • Surjeet Singh Rakhra (Dhaliwal), M.L.A. from Patiala, India.
  • Jagmeet Singh- aka Jimmy Dhaliwal MP professionally known as Jagmeet Singh, is a Canadian lawyer and politician serving as leader of the New Democratic Party since 2017 and as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Burnaby South since 2019
  • Lt. Gen. BS Dhaliwal, AVSM,PVSM,VSM veteran Army Officer and Chief Advisor to Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab.
  • Lt. Gen HS Dhaliwal,AVSM, PVSM, VSM ,Ex-Chittorian.
  • Iqbal Dhaliwal,IAS- UPSC Topper 1995. Currently working as Director of J-PAL.
  • HGS Dhaliwal,IPS- A brave IPS officer from 1997 AGMUT Cadre. Currently posted in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Gazal Dhaliwal- Famous Screenwriter in Bollywood.
  • Tris Dhaliwal- Famous Punjabi model from US featuring in Punjabi videos "Panj Taara", "Proper Patola".
  • Kehar Singh Dhaliwal - Subedar Kehar Singh Dhaliwal was commissioned as a Jamaadar, into the Madras Regiment on February 1, 1892.
  • Sukhwinder Dhaliwal and Balwinder Dhaliwal, the owners of Kismet Estate Winery.
  • Mohit Dhaliwal - A Singer - Songwriter, Music Proucer.
  • Har Iqbal Singh Dhaliwal (Second Lt) , Vira Chakra, fought bravely during Indo-Pak War 1965 on 08.09.1965 at Sialkot, Pakistan.

Gallery of Dhaliwals


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