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Doot (दूत)/Dooth/Duth (दूथ) [1][2] is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan.[3]


Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Panini

Duta (दूत), an emissary is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [6]

In Mahavansa

Dooth - Mahavansa/Chapter 24 tells....The prince Gamani dwell in Mahagama. The prince Tissa, equipped with troops and chariots did the king cause to be stationed in Dighavapi in order to guard the open country. Afterwards prince Gamani, reviewing his host, sent to announce to his father the king: `I will make war upon the Damilas.' The king, to protect him, forbade him, saying: `The region on this side of the river is enough.' Even to three times he sent to announce the same (reply). `If my father were a man he would not speak thus: therefore shall he put this on.' And therewith Gamani sent him a woman's ornament. And enraged at him the king said: `Make a golden chain! with that will I bind him, for else he cannot be protected.' Then the other fled and went, angered at his father, to Malaya, and because he was wroth with his father they named him Dutthagamani (B.C. 161-137) (DutthagamaniDuth).


Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 28 mentions the Kingdoms subjugated by Sahadeva, who marched towards the southern direction.

अन्ताखीं चैव रॊमांयवनानां पुरं तदा
दूतैर एव वशे चक्रे करं चैनान अथापयत Mahabharata (2.28.49)
भरु कच्छं गतॊ धीमान दूतान माथ्रवतीसुतः
परेषयाम आस राजेन्थ्र पौलस्त्याय महात्मने
विभीषणाय धर्मात्मा परीतिपूर्वम अरिंथमः Mahabharata (2.28.50)

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Bagruwalon ka Rasta, Dhulkot, Murlipura Scheme, Purani Basti,

Itawa Bhopji (30),

Villages in Jaipur district

Bada Padampura (9), Rampura bas Goner (3),

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Barwasi, Bijarnion Ki Dhani, Kari, Nawalgarh, Nawalri, Kolsia,

Villages in Sikar district

Piliyon Ka Dhahar

Villages in Banswara district


Villages in Churu district

Bharang, Khoran, Satyun, Sujangarh (1),

Villages in Hanumangarh district


Villages in Nagaur district

Dhooton Ki Dhani, Reengan,

Notable persons from this gotra

  • Dr. Amar Singh Doot - Date of Birth : 29-July-1955, Designation : M.O.(Med.Directorate), Department : MEDICAL& HEALTH, VPO-Bharang, VIA- Sahawa, TEH.-TARANAGAR,CHURU, Present Address : 43,RAJENDRA NAGAR,SIRSI ROAD,VAISHALI NAGAR,JAIPUR, Resident Phone Number : 0141-2357963, Mobile Number : 9414845363
Unit - 8 Guards Regiment

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