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Gussar (गुस्सर)[1][2] [3] [4] Gusar (गुसर) Gusur (गुसर) Gosal (गोसल)[5] [6] [7]is a gotra of Jats found in Punjab and Haryana in India and in Pakistan. Gusar/Gusara/Gasora clan is found in Afghanistan.[8] Gosal (गोसल) is small Jat clan found in Jind and has a Sidh, Bala, at Badrukhan, where offerings are made to his samadh. [9]


This gotra is said to be originated after place name Gosal.


B S Dahiya[10] writes: They are a minor clan now, but inscriptional evidence shows two persons of this clan. One is Maka, son of Saphar, and the second is the Swami Simhabala Gussar of Sanchi Vihara.[11] It is quite possible that Gussur here may stand for the Gujars, as Herodotus says that Gorgoi were the agriculturists of the Scythians.

Bhim Singh Dahiya[12] writes that We know that an individual named Shaphar, son of Maka, and a member of the Gasura clan is mentioned in an inscription.[13] Resisting this identification of Gusur with Gujar, Upendra Thakur says that the word 'Gusur' is not available in any standard Sanskrit or Prakrit dictionary.[14] It may be so, but this word is certainly available in one of the inscriptions of this period under consideration. The Sanchi Stone Pillar inscriptions, No. 73, PI. No. XLII A speaks of a person named Gosura Simha Bala. Here the word 'Gosura', the forerunner of Gujjars, occurs but as is obvious, the name of the individual is completely Indian. These two inscriptions show how the Central Asian Gosuras were Indianised.

Bhim Singh Dahiya[15] writes that A place is named Gasur (Kasur) and Gusur is a clan name among the Jats.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Gosal named Village is in Gurdaspur tahsil in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Gosal population is 1,680 in Patiala district.[16]

Distribution in Haryana

Gosal/Gusur Jats are found in Jind district in Haryana. [17],[18]

Villages in Jalandhar district

Gosal is village in the vicinity of the town of Banga in Jullundur District, Punjab. Many of the inhabitants of this very village are of the Gosal clan Jat. These families own almost all of the village.[19]

Villages in Amritsar district

Gosal Afgana, Gosal Zimidaran villages are in tahsil Amritsar -I.

Villages in Kapurthala district

Villages in Ludhiana district

Villages in Nawanshahr district

Villages in Rupnagar district

Distribution in Pakistan

Found in districts: Vehari,

In Pakistan, Gasura are a clan of Jat / Rajput, who came into the district from Bikaner in Rajasthan, India. Gusura arrived in Vehari (Multan) in 1890. The Gasura live in Basti Gud Gasuran Wali and other villages of Mailsi. The important village of Gussora is 65/KB which is near to Luddan. Its people are educated in that area. previous one and half decade proved Gussora in these professions teaching, enterprise development, chartered accountants, agriculture etc.

Notable person from this gotra

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