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Location of Behat in Gwalior District

Kaitha(कैथा ) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Gwalior tahil and district in Madhya Pradesh.



Rana Gaj Singh , Rana of Gohad, eldest son of Rana Shri Bhagraj Singh, Rana of Gohad, had five sons:

  • 1.Rana Bhim Singh, Rana of Gohad
  • 2. Kunwar Mandhata Singh, of Jandara. He had issue, two sons Zamindars of Ikona and Kaithoda
  • 3.Kunwar Shri Dalil Singh, of Pachgaon. He had issue, four sons (the Pachgaon-ghar).
  • 4) Kunwar Chhatra Singh. He had issue, two sons, who were Zamindar of Makhoi.
  • 5) Kunwar Amrit Singh, of Rajpura. He had issue, two sons

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