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Kulya (कुल्या) Kullya (कुल्लया)[1] Kuliya (कुलिया) Kulia (कुलिया) is Jat gotra. Kulya Gotra Jats live in Tonk district in Rajasthan. Kulya (कुल्या) is a Muhammadan Jat clan found in Montgomery. [2]



Bhim Singh Dahiya writes that The present Gulia Jats are the same as Kulya / Kuliya of the Puranas. The Markandeya Purana mentions them along with the Matsyas in Central India. Matsya Purana mentions a people named Kuliya. [3]

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 34 (The Eleven Kings) mentions ....Mahaculi Maha Tissa reigned fourteen years with piety and justice. ...The same king built the Mandavapi-vihara, the Abhayagallaka (vihara), the (vihäras) Vankavattakagalla and Dighabahugallaka and the Jalagama-vihara. When the king (inspired) by faith had done works of merit in many ways he passed into heaven, at the end of the fourteen years.

Mahavansa/Chapter 34 (The Eleven Kings) mentions .... Vatta Gamani's son known as Coranaga lived as a rebel under the rule of Mahacula. When Mahaculi had departed: he came and reigned. Those places, where he had found no refuge during the time of his rebellion, eighteen vihäras, did this fool destroy. Twelve years did Coranaga reign. And eating poisoned (food) that his consort gave him the evildoer died and was reborn in the Lokantarika-hell. After his death king Mahaculi's son ruled three years as king, being known by name Tissa. But Coranaga's spouse, the infamous Anulä, had done her infamous (consort) to death, giving him poison, because she was enamoured of one of the palace-guards. And for love of this same palace-guard Anulä now killed Tissa also by poison and gave the government into the hands of that other.

In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[4] tells us ...In 1127 king Sussala was murdered. ....Induraja, a commander in the army, born of the line of Kularaja was also surrounded by the same Damaras ; but by some pretext Induraja obtained the protection of Tikka at Dhyānoddāra. Pinchadeva and many other leaders of the army were besieged by the Damaras and they left Kramarajya. [VIII (i), p.123] (KularajaKulya)

Rajatarangini[5] mentions that Kularaja, a commander in the array, and a celebrated athlete, had brothers named Kalyānaraja and others who had fallen like heroes in the field of battle, unmindful of the benefit done to them by king Sussala. Kularaja was anxious to pay off the debt of benefit done to his brothers by Sussala even at the sacrifice of his life. [VIII (i), p.188) (KularajaKulya)

Rajatarangini[6] mentions that The king of Kashmir did not know any other way of overcoming the troubles except battle, and employed Sanjapala to chastise the powerful Sujji. The king sent Kularaja in the guise of a betol-bearer to Sujji. Kularaja Murdered Sujji, the lord of Kampana. He cut off Sujji's head from his trunk and threw it in the courtyard at their enemies. [[VIII (i), pp.185-192]

Rajatarangini[7] mentions about rewards to the king's favourites : The king served Sanjapala by making him lord of Kampana, and Kularaja, superintendent of the capital Dhanya and Udaya. (p.195)

Rajatarangini[8] mentions .....Bhihkharaja, a hot-tempered man and son of Kularaja's brother, made a deep cut in the neck of Koshtaka by the menus of a sword, out of devotion to the king. [VIII (i),p.207]

Rajatarangini[9] tells us....And when the stout Vijjaraja, hot with pride, struck Mallaka, he returned the blow, but both instantly fell on him. When the king appeared in view at the door of the four cornered room, Mallaka left his three antagonists and ran towards the king. At the time when the king was thus singled out, Kularaja ran swiftly in alarm and cut off the speed of Mallaka by cutting him in the bone of the buttocks. [VIII (i),p.208] (KularajaKulya)

Villages in Tonk district

Kulya (कुल्या) Jats live in villages:

Khandwa (1),

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