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Maharaja Pratap Singh (1923-1995)

Maharaja Pratap Singh (महाराज प्रतापसिंह) (b.1919, r. 1923-1947, d.1995) was in the tenth generation of the Originator of the Phulkian Dynasty, Chaudhari Phul of Siddhu-Barad Jat clan.

Ancestors of Maharaja Pratap Singh

Genealogy of Phul

Phul’s descendants founded 3 States: Patiala, Jind and Nabha. Nabha was a state of Siddhu Jats founded by grandson of Chaudhary Phul Singh in 1755.

Tiloka had two sons namely, 1. Gurudutta 2. Sukh Chain. Sukh Chain's descendants ruled Jind state. Gurudatta's descendants ruled Nabha state. Gurudatta's only son was Surat Singh. Surat Singh died in 1742 prior to Gurudatta in 1744.

Surat Singh had two sons 1. Hamir Singh (1755-1783 ) and 2. Kapur Singh.

Hamir Singh's son Raja Jaswant Singh (1783-1840) became the ruler. He had two sons namely 1. Raja Devendra Singh and 2. Ranjit Singh.

Raja Devendra Singh had two sons namely, 1. Raja Bharpur Singh and 2. Raja Bhagwan Singh. Raja Bharpur Singh died in 1863 prior to Raja Devendra Singh. Raja Bhagwan Singh ruled from 1864-1871. He had no son, so he adopted Raja Hira Singh (1871-1911).

Raja Hira Singh ruled from 1871-1911. He was honoured with G.C.S.I. and G.C.I.I. titles by British. His only son was: Maharaja Ripudaman Singh (1911-1923) or Gurcharan Singh, who became ruler in 1912 after Raja Hira Singh.

His only son was Maharaja Pratap Singh (1923-1995) born in 1919.

Maharaja Pratap Singh

Maharaja Pratap Singh (1923-1995)

Maharaja Pratap Singh was 8th Maharaja of Nabha 1923/1995, born 21st September 1919 in Mussoorie, educated privately and at Woodstock School and later in England, Member of the Imperial Council, K.S.C.I. [cr.1946], G.S.C.I. [cr.1933], married 25th April 1944, HH Maharani Urmilla Devi, daughter of Lt.Col. HH Rais ud-Daulah Sipahdar ul-Mulk Saramad Rajha-i-Hind Maharajadhiraj Sri Sawai Maharaj Rana Sir Udaibhan Singh Lokindra Bahadur Diler Jung Jai Deo of Dholpur, and his wife, HH Maharani Malvender Kaur, and had issue. He died 24th July 1995 in Delhi and cremated the next day at the Royal Cemetary in Nabha. [1]

Maharaja Pratap Singh of Nabha

Maharaja Pratap Singh of Nabha

Lt H.H Maharaja Pratap Singh of Nabha photographed inside an universal carrier somewhere in the Middle East during the Second World War.

He was the last ruling king of Nabha, an erstwhile princely state of Punjab, and served as aide-de-camp to the President of India following Indian Independence in 1947. He also gave his services as the head of the Sikh Regiment.

Pic & Post Credit:- Kingdoms of Punjab.

महाराज प्रतापसिंह

महाराज प्रतापसिंह

महाराज रिपुदमनसिंह जी के अधिकारच्युत होने के पश्चात् उनके पुत्र प्रतापसिंह जी गद्दी पर बैठाए गए। आपका जन्म सन् 1929 ई० में हुआ था। आप बड़े होनहार थे और नाभा की प्रजा को आपसे बहुत सी आशाएं थीं। आप 13 तोपों की सलामी के अधिकारी थे। (जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज, पृ.510)

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