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Marrar (मरार)[1] Marar (मरार)[2][3] Marar (मरर)[4] is Jat Gotra found in Ludhiana in Punjab. [5],[6] and Pakistan. They were supporters of Panihar Confederacy. [7]


H.A. Rose [8] writes:

In Gujrat the Muhammadan Jat tribes claim very diverse origins. Thus Mughal origin is claimed by the Bhaddar, Malana, Marar and Narwai, who claim to be Barlas ; and by the Bahlam, Chaughatta, Phiphra, Mander and Babal, who claim to be Chaughatta.

Distribution in India

Distribution in Pakistan

Marrar is a Jatt tribe of Pakistan, India. According to the book Glossary of tribes Castes of Punjab and NW Province Marrars were Chandravanshi Rajputs. The Marrars in Gujrat say they came into the Punjab from Samana, India in the service of Moghul King Akbar who settled them in the Gujrat district of Punjab.

Notable persons


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