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The Present Delhi airport is situated on Palam village's lands. In fact, prior to 1986, the name of the airport was "Palam Airport".

The village is now fully urbanised, with no agricultural lands left. Its closeness to airport, the Delhi cantonment and posh localities like Dwarka, makes it an attractive destination for business activities which are mushrooming around it.

Jat Gotras


Palam (पालम) is one of 12 villages of Solanki clan in Delhi. Palam is the main village and others are

2. Asalatpur - now in janakpuri

3. Baprola

4. Shabad Mohmadpur

5. Pooth Kalan

6. Bindapur

7. Matiala

8. Bagdola -moza of village palam now inhabited by yadavs migrated from sikandarpur vill. gurgaon

9. Luharheri - be(बे) chiragh mouza of village palam(it was near MRV school dwarka sec 13

10. Mirzapur - be chiragh mouza of village palam

11.Toganpur - be chiragh mouza of village palam (it was near sec 9 dwarka metro sation)

12. Nasirpur - mouza of village palam

Another Jat Gotra present in Palam is Sehrawat.

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Notable persons

  • चौधरी किशन चंद सोलंकी, प्रधान, पालम खाप 360



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