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Sapra (सपरा)[1][2] Sapera (सपेरा)[3] Sipra (सिपरा)/(सीपरा)[4] is a gotra of Jats in Pakistan.


They are the same as Sapiri of Herodotus. [5] They are mentioned with the Alarodians, the Alarod or Aroda of today’s Khatris. It is significant that when they came to India and settled in Sindh, they named their city as Alror. It was conquered by Mahumd Bin Kassim in 712. A.D. Arodas are now a Khatri clan and the Sapras are found among the Jats as well as Khatris of Punjab. [6]

H.A. Rose[7] writes that Sipra, subdivision of Gill tribe, only give daughters to the Bharwana clan of the latter tribe or within their own circle.

In the History of Herodotus

Bhim Singh Dahiya[8] writes that the in the period from ninth century B.C. to the fourth century B.C., roughly the time between the Manda and Van empires and Alexander's invasion, we find numerous tribes of the Jats finding a name in the history of Herodotus and others. Among the tribes of the Medians, we find:

The ruling people are called Arizanti or Arizatoi. The word Ari is a form of Arya and Zanti/Zatoi are of course the Jats, the Djati of ancient Egypt and the Guti of Sumer and China.

Distribution in Pakistan

Sipra - The Sipra are a clan of Gill Jats. They are found in Jhang, Chiniot, Sargodha and Faisalabad districts.

According to 1911 census, the Sipra Muslim Jat clan in Districts:[9]

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