Swami Omanand Sarswati

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Swami Omanand Sarswati
Swami Omanand Sarswati
Ch. Kanak Singh Khatri

Swami Omanand Sarsswati (b: 22 March 1911 - d: 23 March 2003) (स्वामी ओमानन्द सरस्वती) was a noted freedom fighter,famed educationist,reputed historian and a notable social worker from Haryana in India. He was born in March 1911 in village ‘Narela’ near Delhi. His childhood name was Bhagwan Singh and after joining the gurukul he was known as Bhagwandev or Acharya Bhagwandev. On adopting 'sanyas', he was known as Swami Omanand Sarswati

His father was Chaudhary Kanak Singh, of 'Khatri' gotra. He was a Jat zamindar and ‘numberdar’ of village Narela (Pana Mamoorpura), owning 350 bighas of land.

Formation of Haryana

His contributed in Formation of Haryana in 1966 from Punjab


Swami Omanand got his primary education in his village ‘Narela’ in Musaddi Lal High School. He got Higher education from St. Stephen College, Delhi. Influenced by the martyrdom of Shahid Bhagat Singh, he left his B.A. education midway and joined the Indian freedom movement. He studied Vedas and Puranas at Gurukul Dayanand Ved Vidyalaya Delhi, Gurukul Chittorgath and Gurukul Pothodar, Rawalpindi. He knew 18 languages including ancient Indian languages like Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit; and also Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi etc.

Plunge in Freedom Movement

The parents of Swami Omanand wanted that he finish his college education, get married and settle down in worldly affairs as a rich Jat landlord. But contrary to it, this Young boy deriving inspiration from the lives of the freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat Singh and Sir Chhotu Ram,

Swami Omanand during Chandigarh Andolan in 1969

Swami Omanand joined the Indian freedom movement. He was sent to jail in 1939 for taking part in Nizam Hyderabad Satyagrah. Later, he was jailed several times during freedom struggle. He also spearheaded the "Hindi Andolan" in 1965 when Punjabi was made a compulsory subject in Hindi-speaking areas of today's Haryana state (which was then a part of Punjab). At that time, most leaders were arrested but Punjab Govt. could not arrest him as Swamiji developed tactics to escape arrest (he shortly thereafter went to U.P. and Rajasthan and led the Movement from there). Even after creation of Haryana in 1966, Swami Omanand led the famous "Chandigarh Satyagraha" due to which Chandigarh could not be transferred to Punjab; and it still remains as a Union Territory.

Consecrated in Brahmcharya

Swami Omanand’s real name was Bhagwan Singh. He decided not to marry and got consecrated in Brahmcharya principles. He was named Brahmchari Bhagwan Dev in 1939. He performed hard self-mortification. He left the use of salt, sweets, spices etc. He started wearing clothes of khadi only. He made great sacrifices, and did a lot for the upliftment of the Jats. He was such a man as had his own values and principles. which he followed in his entire lifetime.

Social Services

Swami Omanand left home in 1942 and accepted the post of ‘Acharya’ and ‘Mukhya Adhishthata’ of Gurukul Jhajjar on the occasion of Diwali on the special requests of Arya Samaj. He had started & managed 55 Gurukuls in Haryana and all over India.

In 1947, he did a great service to the refugees who came from Pakistan on the partition of India. He had been always at the service of mankind during famines, floods, earthquakes etc. He started the cancer hospital at Jhajjar and distributed free medicines to all.

Swami Omanand did a great struggle for the eradication of social evils like dowry, intoxication, and extravaganza on social occasions etc. He believed that the social evils could be eliminated through democratic Panchayat System. He started many social movements like ‘Nasha Mukti Andolan’, ‘Goraksha Andolan’, Anti - dowry Movement & ‘Shudhi Andolan’.

He visited a number of countries like Japan, Germany, England, Australia, Russia, USA, Maritius, Africa, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, Taiwan, China etc. for the spread of Vedic education. He carried the message of peace, love & brotherhood to every corner of the world.

He was engaged in a number of social organizations. Such as Chief of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Haryana, Advisor of All India History Council, Vice Chancellor of Gurukul Jhajjar University, member of the senate of Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak and Gurukul Kangri University (Hardwar), associate of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha etc. He was president of World Arya Samaj Propkarini Sabha Ajmer.

He was the founder of Kanya Gurukul Narela. He donated his 70 acres of land at village Narela to Kanya Gurukul Narela. He was also the founder of Jhajjar Gurukul University. His collection in the museum is awesome. Besides, there are many books on Jats written by him which one can find in Gurukul's library.


Swami Omanand was awarded ‘Rashtriya Pundit’ by the Government of India and ‘Sanskrit Pundit’ by the Haryana Government for the services rendered by him. He was also awarded ‘Vidyamartand’ by Gurukul Kangri Haridwar. Lt. Governor of Delhi also honoured him for his services towards promotion of literature.

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As Author

Swami Omanand was a great Reformer, Educationist, Social worker, expert on Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga. He was a great historian also and had the capability to read ancient scripts like Brahmi, Kharoshti etc.. He has written many books on history. The important books written by him are:

He also wrote several books on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine. Some titles are:

  • बिच्छूविष चिकित्सा
  • स्वप्नदोष चिकित्सा
  • श्‍लीपद चिकित्सा etc.

Swamiji also propagated some other literature by others authors. For example, he propagated the famous novel (written by Saiyyah sunami) - Akhir Jit Hamari आखिर जीत हमारी - now an on-line book at Jatland Wiki.


Swamy Omanand Breathed his last at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Delhi on Sunday 23 March 2003 at the age of 93.

Biography of Swami Omanand Saraswati

जाटलैंड डॉट काम के इस लिंक पर पढ़िये - स्वामी ओमानन्द सरस्वती का जीवन-चरित

लेखक - डॉ. योगानन्द
जीवनी (पुस्तक) के इलैक्ट्रॉनिक प्रारूप के निर्माता - दयानन्द देसवाल


  • Jat Samaj: Agra, June 1999

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