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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Uday Singh Jat was a Jat chieftain and uncle of Gokula of village Sinsini, who rose against Aurangzeb. Gokula and his uncle Uday Singh Jat were hacked to death by Aurangzeb, piece by piece, at Agra Kotwali on January 1, 1670.

The battle of Tilpat

The Jat peasants of Tilpat (Mathura) had the audacity to challenge the Imperial power under the leadership of Gokula. Jats were thus first to unsheath their swords and to wield these against the mighty Mughals.

Emperor Aurangzeb had to march himself on November 28, 1669 from Delhi to curb the Jat menace. The Mughals under Hasan Alikhan and Brahmdev Sisodia attacked Gokula Jat. Gokula and his uncle Uday Singh Jat with 20000 Jats, Ahirs and Gujars fought with superb courage and tenacity, the battle at Tilpat, but their grit and bravery had no answer to the Mughal artillery. After three days of grim fight Tilpat fell. Losses on both sides were very heavy. 4000 Mughal and 3000 Jat soldiers were killed.

Gokula and Uday Singh hacked to death

Gokula and Uday Singh were imprisoned. Jat women committed Jauhar. Gokula offered pardon if he accepted Islam. To tease the Emperor, Gokula demanded his daughter in return. Gokula and Uday Singh were hacked to death piece by piece at Agra Kotwali on January 1, 1670.

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