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Chaudhary Baldeva Ram Burdak (1898 – 1968) (चौधरी बलदेवाराम बुरड़क), a freedom fighter and social worker, played an important role in the abolition of Jagirs in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. He was born on Magh badi dashami samvat 1955 (1898 AD) in village Ghirania Bara, tehsil Laxmangarh, Sikar district, Rajasthan in the family of Kana Ram Burdak. His father died in his childhood.

Struggle against Jagirdari

His elder brother Chaudhary Pema Ram Burdak was a headman of the village. Pema Ram was in favour of Jagirdars but Chaudhary Baldeva Ram was a strong opponent of Jahirdari system. Due to his ideological differences with elder brother he was asked to separate from the family. This did not divert him from his principles and he continued struggle against Jagirdars.

He used to do his agricultural work during daytime and did the work of awakening of Jats against Jagirdari system during nights by moving from village to village. The communication system adopted by him was very secret. The villages being activated by him were Palthana, Gothra, Kudan, Bathot, and Banthod. He used to send messages to these villages in night and come back to his home early in the morning.

He had joined the Jat agitation of Shekhawati farmers movement along with other active leaders of this movement such as Hari Singh Burdak (Palthana), Prithvi Singh Bhukar (Gothra Bhukaran), Goru Singh Garhwal (Katrathal), Ishwar Singh Bhamu (Bhainrupura), Panne Singh Batar & Kishan Singh Batar (Bataranau).

Preparations for Jat Prajapati Maha-Yagna

He coordinated with Hari Singh Burdak of Palthana and gathered 5000 Jat farmers from neighbouring areas in Palthana in asoj month of year 1933, which decided to join Jat Prajapati Maha-Yagna on 20 January 1934 in Sikar. They understood the consequences of struggle against the Jagirdars but even then they united the farmers in 1933 in Palthana village and were successful in motivating them for the agitation.

He himself contributed about one mond of ghee and other food material. On 20 March 1934 the Jagirdars did not allow a Jat bridegroom of Kudan to ride on horse for the toran ceremony in marriage. Due to this there was a fight between Bhomias of Jagirdars and Jats in which Baldeva Ram with his bodyguard gave a befitting fight and the Bhomias were made to run away.

Social services

He believed that the social change in the society could take place only through education. He started a school in the village with his own efforts in year 1950 with the help of an educated youth of his own family Kaluram Burdak. Later with his great efforts the government started a school on land donated by him. This school is still functioning as Sanskrit Uccha Prathmik Vidyalaya. He was always ready for social service. He died on Magh sudi 6 samvat 2025 (1968 AD).


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