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Bhattarak (भट्टारक) (455-468 AD) was a King of Maurya Jat dynasty. [1]

Variants of name


Ram Swarup Joon[2] writes...The Gahlot gotra is found among the Rajputs also and they call themselves the descendants of Ramchandra, but their descent is believed to be from Balvanshi

History of the Jats, End of Page-82

ruler named Gupta. It is mentioned that Balvanshi Bhattarak King saved the Maurya kings by re-strengthening their power. Bhattarak ruled from 512 to 525 Vikram Samvat. According to "Corpus Inscription Antiquary" Page 169, based on a rock inscription inscribed in 569 Vikram. Bhattark Gupta Balvanshi had four sons - Dharsen, Dronasen, Dhruwasen and Dharpatsen. Each one of them succeeded to the throne one after another, and they were given titles of Maha Samant, Mahapratihar, Mahakartak and Maharaj.

Gohasen son of Dharpatsen was a follower of Vaishnavism, but he had faith in Buddhism too. His descendents are called Gahlawat. Several legends are very well known about Goha and Bappa Rawal. The dynasty is supposed to have migrated from Balabhipur.

There was one Nag Datt among the descendants of Goha who was killed by the Bhils. His young son who later on became known as Kalbhoj Bappa Rawal, joined the army of the Jat Raja Man Indra of Chittor and ultimately rose to the position of commander of his army. Proving to be very brave and loyal, he was ultimately declared heir apparent to the throne and finally became the ruler of the kingdom. The Gahlot gotra is found both among the Jats and the Rajputs. There is however no doubt that Bhattarak was a Maurya Jat dynasty. It existed before the birth of Rajputs. If Bappa Rawal were not a Jat, Jat Raja Mann Indra would not have adopted him as him son. He maintained the title of Rana.

During the Rajput era they joined them and started being called Rajputs. Goha was the grandson of Bhattarak and son of Dhropat Sen. He was married in the Gupta dynasty. Godhes are a sub-tribe and branch of Godhas.


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