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Gadri (Urdu : گادرى, Hindi : गाडरी)[1], also called Gaadri (गादरी)/Gadari (गादरी)[2], Gadre (गादरे) or Gadare (गादरे), is a Jatt clan,[3] found in parts of India and Pakistan. Gadari (गाडरी), a Jat clan (agricultural) found in Amritsar.[4] It is a variant of Gadar.


Chabahar-Zaranj-Delaram-Herat-Kabul Road Map and Location of Gwadar


H. W. Bellew [5] writes that....The Jadran probably represent the ancient Gadrosai of the Greeks, and appear to have been forced up into their isolated position in the time of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni, who, it is supposed, transplanted them to this place when he invaded the Kalat and Las provinces of Balochistan, and replaced them there by the Jhalawan tribe. The ancient Gadrosai are represented in their native country by the Gadari of Las, and it is this name in the plural form of Gadaran which is the source of our Jadran. clan is found in Afghanistan.

H. W. Bellew[6] writes that ....Pura (Bampur) was, according to Arman, the capital of the Gedrosoi, after whom the whole of this region was named Gedrosia. They were probably at that time the dominant and most numerous tribe ; their name still survives in that of their modern representatives, the Gadar of Las Bela, where they are chiefly employed in mercantile pursuits. The Gidar sections of some of the Pathan tribes of the Suleman range are perhaps from this source, or more directly, from the Lumri, a name of the same signification ; and, as before suggested, the Jadran of the Suleman range near Ghazni represent the same people. But the ancient Gedrosoi are probably now most largely represented in Balochistan by the Lumri which is only another Lidian form for Gidar, both words meaning "jackal," or "fox." On the other hand, the Pathan Gidar may stand for the Sanskrit Vidor, and may represent the tribe of the wise and far-seeing Vidura of the Mahabharat, whilst the Gadari represent the swift Gadura, enemy of the Naga.

Notable persons

Distribution in India

  • According to 1911 census, Gurdaspur district has Gadri population of (555).

Distribution in Pakistan

But now Gadri population in inhabited many parts of Pakistan and India.
Majority of Gadri population found in Gurdaspur district (in East Punjab), Sanghar district (in Sindh), and Faisalabad district (in West Punjab).
While minority inhabited many parts of world including United Kingdom and Islamabad.

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