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Jaswal (जसवाल) Gotra Jats live in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP and MP.


दिल्ली प्रान्त के गांव लाडोसराय से इन आन्तल जाटों का निकास हुआ । यह लाडोसराय के विद्वान् व वृद्ध लोगों से पूछताछ करने से मुझे जानकारी मिली है (लेखक) । लाडोसराय के जाटों का गोत्र जेसवाल है, जो कि तंवर-तोमर जाटों की शाखा है । लाडोसराय के निकट जेसवाल जाटों का एक और गांव अधचीनी है । जिला मुरादाबाद में जेसवाल जाटों के लगभग 12 गांव हैं । लाडोसराय से निकलकर जेसवाल जाटों का एक संघ किसी दूसरे स्थान पर आबाद होने के लिए गया । [1]

Jaswal (जसवाल)is reported as an offshoot of the Katoch, the great jat clan which gave rulers to the kingdom of Trigarta. It derives its name from (or possibly gives its name to) the Jaswan Dun of Hoshiarpur, and at its original seat, Bhir Jaswan, are remains of buildings, wells and fountains which attest its former power. It still ranks high, being of Jaikaria status. In 1596 the Jasuwalas were described as ' Zamindars with an army ' and gave some trouble to the imperial authorities.[2] [3]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Khatipura, Newta (Sanganer), Vaishali Nagar, Vishnawala,

Villages in Jaipur district

Charanwas Kandewali, Chitauda (8), Gopalnagar (1), Jainagar Dhani (1), Ladana Phagi (3), Nevata (20), Pindloi (1),

Villages in Tonk district

Basda (3), Dechwas (3),

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Khargone district

Daulatpura Barwaha,

Villages in Harda district


Notable persons

  • Dr C S Chaudhary - Ph:07280-261624, Mob:942548711[4]

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