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Map of Mewat district

Mewat is a district in Haryana. It was created from taking out some tahsils from Gurgaon district.

In early 2016, Haryana Government has renamed the Mewat district as Nuh District.

The adjoining Gurgaon district has also been renamed as Gurugram district

Mewat people and district Location

Mewat, adjacent to District Gurgaon, is a land of rich cultural heritage with historical background. The Meos, who trace their roots to the early Aryan invasion of Northern India, call them selves Kshatriyas and have preserved their social and cultural traits to a surprisingly to the large extent.

Geographically, Mewat District is situated between 26-degree and 30-degree North Latitude and 76-degree and 78-degree East longitude. Gurgaon district bounds it on its North, while Rewari district lies to its West and Palwal district to its East. On South, the district shares its boundary with the State of Rajasthan. Mewat district is largely comprises of planes. Inconsistency in Mewat topography is evident from its patches of land with hills and hillock of the Aravali Mountain on the one hand and plains on the other. Thus, physio-graphically the area is divided into two tracts- upland and low land.


Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that ....Samudra Gupta conquered the whole of Punjab and a major part of India. The clans defeated by him included

Other basic Information

  • Headquarters Nuh
  • Area 1,860 km2 (720 sq mi)
  • Population 10,89,406 (2011)
  • Population density 729 /km2 (1,890 /sq mi)
  • Urban population 4.64%
  • Literacy 56
  • Sex ratio 906
  • Tehsils 1. Nuh, 2. Firozpur Jhirka, 3. Punahana, 4. Taoru
  • Lok Sabha Constituency Gurgaon
  • Assembly Seats Nuh, Ferozepur Jhirka, Punahana
  • Major highways 1. National Highway 71-B, 2. State Highway 13 (Gurgaon to Alwar), 3. KMP or Western Peripheral Expressway.

Tahsils in Mewat district

Villages in Mewat tahsil

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