The Jats - Their Role in the Mughal Empire

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The Jats - Their Role in the Mughal Empire

The book by Dr Girish Chandra Dwivedi, Edited by Dr Vir Singh 2003.

Publisher - Originals (an imprint of low priced publications), A-6, Nimri commercial Centre, Near Ashok Vihar, Phase-IV, Delhi-110052. ISBN:81-88629-08-1 (H.B.) & ISBN:81-88629-11-1 (P.B.)


The Jats-GC Dwivedi.jpg

Chapter I - The Jat Uprising of 1669.... 15
Causes of the Revolt 15; The Outbreak of the Rebellion 25; Aftermath of the Rebellion 27
Chapter II- The Breakdown of Mughal Administration and the Fresh Jat Eruptions (1680-1707).... 31
Rise of Brij Raj 32; Rise of Raja Ram Jat (c.1682-1688) 33; Estimate of Raja Ram 37; Imperial Operation and the Fitful Activities of the Jats: (1688-1695) 40; Bishan Singh's Operations against the Jats 41; Rise of Churaman II 51
Chapter III- The Decline of the Mughal Empire and the Rise of the Jat Power (1707-1720).... 55
The Decline of the Mughal Empire 55; Precarious Detente Between the Mughals and the Jats 57; Churaman Helps the Government 59; Involvement in the Court Politics 63; Jai Singh's Jat Expedition siege of Thun (September 1716-May 1718) 66; Consequence of Jai Singh's Expedition 72; Churaman as the Ally of the Wazir and the Mir Bakshi 74
Chapter IV - The Mughal Jat Relations After the Fall of the Sayyids (1720-1722)... 81
Saadat Khan's First Operations against the Jats (February-September, 1721) 82; Saadat Khan's Second Operations (September 1721-1722) 83; Character and Estimate of Rao Churaman II 84; 'Raja' Muhkam Singh (c. September-October, 1721-18 November, 1722) 88; Jai Singh's Second Expedition (August-September, 1722) 90; Consequences of Jai Singh's Second Expedition 92; Character and Estimate of Muhkam Singh 94
Chapter V - Emergence of Jat Kingdom- Policy and Measures (1723-1756).... 95
Jat Kingdom at the end of Badan Singh's Reign 113; Character and achievements of Badan Singh 115
Chapter VI - The Jats as the Feudatories of the Empire (1723-1748).... 119
Jat Policy and implications of the emergence of Jat Kingdom 119; Jat participation in the Imperial Affairs 123; The Marathas Dun the Jats for Tribute 128
Chapter VII - The Rising Importance of the Jats in the Imperial Affairs--(I) (1749-1753).... 129
Safdar Jang's First Expedition against the Jats 130; Suraj Mal defeats the Mir Bakshi 130; Safdar Jang's Second Expedition against the Jats: July, 1750, 133; Alliance Between the Wazir and Suraj Mal 134; Suraj Mal and the First Afghan Expedition 134; Jats and the Court Politics between the Two Afghan Expeditions 137; The Jats and the Second Afghan Expedition 138
Chapter VIII - The Rising Importance of the Jats in the Imperial Affairs-(II).... 141
Jats and the Court Developments: 1752-1753, 141; Bal Ram's Affair and the Murder of Javed 142; Suraj Mal's Campaign against Bahadur Singh 146; The Jats and the Civil War 147
Chapter IX - The Jats in the Vortex of Hostile Forces-(I) (1753-1757).... 157
Imad-Maratha Attack on the Jats (November 1753-May 1754) Its Causes 157; Attack on the North and East 161; The Siege of the Jat forts 164; Suraj Mal and the Imperial Wizarat 170; Suraj Mal on the Imperial Problems; Tilpat Talks 172; Relations with the Marathas 175; Jawahar Singh's Rebellion against Raja Suraj Mal 177
Chapter X - The Jats in the Vortex of Hostile Forces-(II).... 179
Ahmad Shah Abdali's Jat Expedition 179; Assault on Ballamgarh (3rd March) 182; Battle of Chaumuha (28th February) 183; Blood Bath at Mathura 184; Sack of Vrindavan (c. 6th March) 185; Bloody Encounter with the Nagas of Gokul (16th March) 185; Sack and Massacre at Agra (21st March) 186; Causes of the Abdalli's Return 186; Underlying causes of the Shah's Expedition 190; Consequences of Shah's Expedition 193.
Chapter XI - The Phase of Cautious Disentanglement -(I) (1753-1760).... 197
Jat-Maratha Reprochment: c. June 1757, 198; Suraj Mal and Ali Gauhar-Imad Tussle: Suraj Mal's patch-up with Imad 200; Jats and the Afghan-Maratha Struggle 203; Ahmad Shah and Suraj Mal in 1760,205; Rival Attempts to win over the Jats 206; Jats join Bhau 209; Suraj Mal's withdrawal from Bhau's Camp 211

Chapter XII - The Phase of Cautious Disentanglement-(II).... 215
Causes of the Withdrawal of Suraj Mal from Bhau's Camp 215; Suraj Mal helps the Fugitives from Panipat 226; Durrani's Jat Expedition fizzles out (March, 1761) 227
Chapter XIII - The Clash of Ambitions (1761-1763).... 229
Mathura Congress (Middle of April to Middle of June, 1761) Suraj Mal and efforts for Peace and Regular Imperial Government 230; Suraj-Najib Parley at Dankaurghat (November, 1761) 238; Post Panipat at Expansion and Strife Between Suraj Mal and Najib (1761-1763) 239; The Jat Attack on Farrukh Nagar 249; Fight Between Suraj Mal and Najib (December, 1763) 250
Chapter XIV - The Jat Kingdom at its Zenith.... 255

Appendix A - Sidelights on the Character and Career of Muhkam Singh.... 263

Appendix B - Paternity of Suraj Mal.... 267

Appendix C - Sidelights on Badan Singh's Character.... 271

Appendix D - The Circumstances of Suraj Mal's Death.... 273

Appendix E - Sidelights on Suraj Mal's Personality and Achievements.... 279

Bibliography.... 283

Index.... 303-316

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