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Kahl(काहल) Kahla (कहल)/[1] is tribe of Jats in Ludhiana, Punjab.



According to H.A. Rose The tribe observes jhandi rite at weddings. A loaf 1¼ mans in weight is also cooked and of this ¼ man goes to a Bharai, the rest being distributed among the kinsmen. [2]

In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[3] tells us that during the reign of Harsha of Kashmir, in the Kashmrian era 76 (=1100 AD), in the month of Agrahiyana, the two brothers Uchchala and Sussala fled, and reached the seat of the Damaras. One of the Lavanyas, named Prasnastaraja, intending to rise against the king, sent his younger brother Sillaraja, and invited the youths to his territory. But the elder Uchchala went to Rajapuri in the kingdom of Kahla, and the younger went to the king of Kalingjara. None ever thought at that time that these exiles would one day be kings. (p.VII:263-264)

Rajatarangini[4] tells us that At the time when preparations for war were being made, three hill chiefs Jāsaṭa of Champa, Vajradhara of Vallapura And Sahajapala of Vartula and two heir apparent Kahla of Trigarta and Anandaraja of Vallapura assembled together and arrived at Kurukshetra. They found Bhikshachara who was saved by Asamati with Naravarmma; and Naravarmma gave gold to the former for, expenses on the way. Jasata was related to Bhikshachara and treated him well, and the other chiefs also honored him. They then arrived at Vallapura. (VIII:p.46)

Rajatarangini[5] tells us thatThe king was very much grieved at the accession of Kahla to the throne of Kalinjara and at the death of Malla, mother of his-principal queen. (VIII:p.53)

Rajatarangini[6] tells us ...In the meantime Somapala, Vimba and others who were at Lohara came to Parnotsa to fight with king Sussala. Padmaratha, king of Kalinjara, remembered his friendship with Sussala, as he was born of the same family, and came with Kahla and others. The proud Sussala with his strong men came on the thirteenth

[p.79]: bright lunar day of Vaishakha and fought with the enemy. Those who have seen this great battle near Parnotsa describe it to this day. Sussala first wiped his disgrace in this engagement. From that day Sussala's natural vigour returned to him, as the lion returns to the forest. The Turushka soldiers dropped their ropes in fear and were destroyed by Sussala within a short time. Sussala also killed the maternal uncle of Somapala in the battle on the banks of the river Vitola. Though Sussala's army was smaller, yet he defeated tho enemies, killed them and made them flee, and they impeded one another in flight. How commendable the actions of the Kashmirians ! They fought against one of their masters, and spread evil reports of another ! When Somapala with the Turushkas had gone, the shameless Kashmirians left Vimba and went over to Sussala. They were not ashamed on that day to bend their heads to him against whom they had openly bent their bows on the preceding day. Accompanied by the Damaras and citizens who came to him, Sussala, in two or three days, marched towards Kashmira. (VIII:p.78-79)

The Rajpoot Kahlana, son of Sahadeva, collected the Damaras who were at Kramarajya and advanced towards the king. The same Vimba who was the first to leave Sussala's army to go over to Bhikshu, now left Bhikshu and joined Sussala.

According to Rajatarangini[7]this incidence is of the year 1121 AD, when Sussala became king of Kashmir second time.

Rajatarangini[8] tells us that King of Kashmir Sussala was married to the pure Meghamanjari, daughter of Vijayapala. She had lost her father and had been affectionately brought up by her mother's father Kahla, king of Kalindara, as his own child. (p.18)

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