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Phalswal (फल्सवाल) /(Poruval) (पोरुवाल)[1] Phalsval (फल्सवाल) Phalaswal (फलसवाल)[2]Falaswal (फलसवाल) Falaswar (फलसवार) Phalaswar [3] [4] Purnwal/ Phalswal/Poruswal[5] is Gotra of Jats reside in Rajasthan and Haryana.[6]



Ram Sarup Joon[7] writes....According to the Puranas and Mahabharata, King Yayati chose his second son Puru as heir to the throne. This branch, therefore, continued to stay in the same area and ruled Hardwar, Hastinapur and Delhi. King Hasti made Hastinapur and Pandavas Indraprastha as their capital. Porus who fought Alexander belonged to this branch, Poruswal, Phalaswal,Mirhan, Mudgil, Gill and a number of other Jat gotras are of the Puru branch.

Ram Swarup Joon[8] writes about Purnwal, Phalswal or Poruswal: This gotra is spread all over the Punjab. A Puru King fought against Alexander.

According to Arrian the historian of Alexander there were two Porus- es. These were not actually their names, but their gotras. In the Mahabharata they are mentioned as the "Purusik" tribe.

Ram Sarup Joon[9] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. Phalswal (Poruval) is one of them.

Thakur Deshraj tells us that those people of Garhmukteshwar, who fought war from inside of the fort , were called Garhwals. Those who fought war from out side the fort were called ‘Bahrola’ or ‘Barola’. Those who fought on the gate were called Phalswal after ‘Falsa’ (local name for gate). It shows that this gotra is title based. [10]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Alwar district


Distribution in Delhi

Rawata, Daurala Delhi, Guman Hera, Dasghara, Pahari Dheeraj.

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Rewari district

Behrampur Bharangi, Jaitrawas, Mohamadpur,

Villages in Jhajjar District

Bhadani, Munda Khera

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