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Bhadaani or Bhadani (भदानी, भदाणी) is a medium-size village in Jhajjar district.


The names of neighbouring villages are: Chhudani (छुडाणी), Surakhpur, Chhara (छारा), Kablana(कबलाणा), Dulehra (दुल्हेड़ा), Kherka Gujjar (खेड़का गूजर).


Jat gotras

Notable persons

  • Maj. General Daryao Singh has been the prominent figure from this village. He joined in Indian Army during British Times and retired in Sixties. He served in Army Medical Corps and was famous ENT Surgeon of his times. After retirement, he spent his retired life in Jhajjar town and gave free medical treatment to rural masses of the area.
  • Dr. Yoganand Shastri also hails from this village.

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