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Map of Lycia in Antalya Province of Turkey, showing significant ancient cities and some major mountains and rivers. Red dots are mountain peaks, white dots are ancient cities. Each place in this map is after some Jat clan

Aryak (आर्यक) Jat gotra gets its name from Nagavanshi ruler named Aryaka (आर्यक).[1]


Aryaka is mentioned to have born in the race of Kauravya. Kauravya is born in the race of Airavata. Aryaka's son was named Chikura. Chikura was slain by a Suparna. Chikura's wife was the daughter of a Naga named Vamana. Chikura's son was named Sumukha. Matali, the charioteer of Deva king Indra chose Sumukha as his daughter Gunakesi's husband (5,103). Matali's son was Gomukha[2] [3]


Arycanda or Arykanda is an Ancient Lycian city in Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Arycandos River flows through it. Aryak (आर्यक) Jat gotra gets its name from Nagavanshi ruler named Aryaka (आर्यक).[4] Aryaka may have probably given name to this city and the River.

In Mahabharata

Aryaka (आर्यक) is mentioned in Mahabharata (I.31.7), (V.101.11)

Adi Parva, Mahabharata/Book I Chapter 31 mentions the names of Chief Nagas...Aryaka is listed in verse (I.31.7)....Nila, Anila, Kalmasha, Shabala, Aryaka, Adika, Shala, Potaka,.. [5]

Udyoga Parva/Mahabharata Book V Chapter 101 describes Bhogavati city and innumerable Nagas dwelling there....Aryaka is listed in verse (V.101.11)....Aryaka, Nandaka, Kalasa, Potaka, Kailasaka, Pinjaraka, Airavata, (Mahabharata:V.101.11)[6]


Notable persons


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