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(Jajhra, Jajda, Jajada, Jajhad, Jaj, Jujada)

Location  : Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh

Country  : India

Languages : Rajasthani

Religion  : Hinduism

Jajra (जाजड़ा)[1] Jajhra (जाजड़ा) Jajda (जाजडा) Jajada (जाजडा) Jajhad (जाझड़ा) Jaj (जाज)[2] [3][4] Jujada (जजड़ा) Gotra Jats are found in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is a branch of Chauhans. Jaj (जज), (1) a Muhammadan Jat clan (agricultural) found in Montgomery : (2) a Kamboh clan (agricultural) found in Amritsar. [5]


They are probably descendant of Chauhan Mahapurusha Jaja (जाज).


Jāja, Jajā, Jajadeva, or Jajjalana was a minister and commander of Hammira of Ranthambhor. In the annals of Chauhan history, there is scarcely a name better known than that of Hammira the hathi, ruler of Ranthambhor. The fight put up by him against Ala-ud-din Khalji, the tyrannical Sultan of Delhi, with a view to protecting the neo-Muslim leaders, Muhammad Shah and his brothers, who had taken refuge at the Ranthambhor court, has inspired many a poet of Sanskrit, Prakrta, Hindi as well as Rajasthani to sing his glory and offer the incense of admiration at the shrine of his memory. Of people, whom he had favoured, many deserted him. His chief general, Ratipala, and the finance minister Dharmasimha, proved traitors. In his last fight, Hammira was accompanied by only nine warriors, of whom four were not even his co-religionists. But besides these he had at least one more follower of undoubted loyalty, the Chahamana Jaja, Jaja, Jajadeva or Jajjala who was left behind to put up a last ditch fight for Ranthambhor. [6]

The material for Jaja's life is extremely scanty. The Prakrtapingalam, a book on Prakrta prosody written some time in the fourteenth century, quotes five verses from some Apabhramsa poem dealing with Hammira's achievements. Of these two refer to Jajadeva; none, it might be noted, mentions even by name, the other ministers and generals of Hammira. This fact in itself should be testimony enough for Jajadeva's pre-eminent position in Hammira's kingdom. Had this Apabhramsa poem drawn upon by the Prakrtapailigalam come down to us, we might have received a full account of the great hero, Jaja. [7]

It is a matter of research if they have connection with Jajja - a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.They are descendants of King Jajja of Kashmir 748-751 A.D.

Villages founded by Jajra clan

Distribution in Gujarat

Villages in Banas Kantha district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Nagaur district

Acheena, Ahmadpura, Arniyala, Baggar (550), Bhawasiya, Bikharniya Kalan, Butati, Charda, Chhapri Khurd, Deh, Dodiyana Nagaur, Gemaliyas, Gotan, Hudas, Jajrawas, Jawa Sisodiya, Kalwa, Katyasani, Madhaniya, Makarana, Megadand, Merasi, Mundiyar, Palri Kalan, Panchori, Pundlota, Rabdiyad, Sinod, Tankla, Tehla, Dangawas Nagaur

Villages in Jodhpur district

Bisalpur, Raikoriya, Poonasar, Udaliyawas

Villages in Ajmer district

Kotri Ajmer, Ghaslo Ki Dhani (5),

Villages in Jaipur district

Mamana Dudu

Villages in Barmer district

Barmer, Baytoo[8] Bor Charnan, Kanor, Purawa,

Villages in Bhilwara district

Kotri Bhadwon Ki,

Villages in Pali district

Sisarwada, Bhomion Ka Bas (Dhoondhala), Dhundhala

Villages in Chittorgarh district

Jajron Ka Khera (t.Kapasan),

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, Mandsaur districts.

Villages in Mandsaur district

Bugalia (Gujarda), Jaggakheri, Kacharia Jat, Molyakheri, Narayangarh (Malhargarh),

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of Jajda (जाजडा) gotra are:

Namli 1, Ratlam 1,

Villages in Ratlam district with population of Jajhad (जाझड़) gotra are: Ratlam 1,

Villages in Harda district

Adampur Harda, Bamnai, Bhamori, Kolipura, Jhugariya, Kunjargaon, Nimakhedi, Oshopuram,

Villages in Hoshangabad district


Villages in Khargone district

Katkut, Limbi Bujurg

Villages in Sehore district

Kothri Kalan, Seegaon (Nasrullaganj), Mahagaon Kadeem,

= Villages in Ujjain district


Distribution in Maharashtra

Villages in Nasik district


Villages in Buldhana district


Notable persons from this gotra

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