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Map of Ancient Jat habitations

Jangala (जाङ्गल) were ancient people of the Mahabharata period. In the epic times (final centuries BC), the region between the triangle of Thaneshwar, Hissar and Hastinapur was distinguished by three different names:

The whole kingdom roughly corresponded to modern Thanesar, Delhi and the greater part of Upper Gangetic Doab.

Jat Gotras from Jangala

Jaglan (जगलान) Jaglan (जागलान) Jagla (जगला) Jangal (जांगल) Jangala (जंगाला) Jaglen (जगलेन) Jaglain (जगलैन) Jaglaranya (जगलारण्य) Janghala (जंघाला) gotra of Jats have originated from Jangala (जाङ्गल) people of the Mahabharata period.

Jangla (जांगला) Jat clan settled in Multan from Jhang in Mughal times. [1]

In Mahbharata

Adi Parva, Mahabharata/Mahabharata Book I Chapter 94 tells us the History of Puru and of the Pandavas.

"Samvarana begat upon his wife, Tapati, the daughter of Surya, a son named Kuru. This Kuru was exceedingly virtuous, and therefore, he was installed on the throne by his people. It is after his name that the field called Kuru Jangala has become so famous in the world."
ततः संवरणात सौरी सुषुवे तपती कुरुम
राजत्वे तं परजाः सर्वा धर्मज्ञ इति वव्रिरे Mahabharata (1.94.42)
तस्य नाम्नाभिविख्यातं पृथिव्यां कुरुजाङ्गलम
कुरुक्षेत्रं स तपसा पुण्यं चक्रे महातपाः Mahabharata (1.94.43)

Bhisma Parva, Mahabharata/Book VI Chapter 10 Describes geography and provinces of Bharatavarsha. It mentions Jangalas in shloka 37 along with Madras, Shalvas etc.

अत ऊर्ध्वं जनपथान निबॊध गथतॊ मम ।
तत्रेमे कुरुपाञ्चालाः शाल्व माद्रेय जाङ्गलाः ।। Mahabharata (6.10.37)</ref>

Udyoga Parva/Mahabharata Book V Chapter 53 mentions The country of the Kurus, including the region called Jangala as the paternal kingdom of Pandavas. Thou hast, however, obtained the whole earth by those heroes. Won by the strength of their arms, the sons of Pritha made over thee this extensive empire.

पित्र्यं राज्यं महाराज कुरवस ते स जाङ्गलाः
अद वीरैर जितां भूमिम अखिलां परत्यपथ्यदाः Mahabharata (5.53.7)

Karna Parva/Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 30 mentions

Alas, that (Vahika) maiden of large proportions, dressed in thin blankets, is thinking of me,--her Vahika lover--that is now passing his days in Kurujangala, (VIII.30.19)
तेषां किलावलिप्तानां निवसन कुरुजाङ्गले
कश चिथ बाह्लीक मुख्यानां नातिहृष्टमना जगौ Mahabharata (8.30.19)

In Puranas

This clan is named as Jāngala in the Vayu Purana, alongwith Bodhas and Bhadhrakars. [2] Matsya Purana says that the river Indus flowed through the country of Jāngalas. Mahabharata also mentions them. [3]


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