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Sor (सोर) Shor (शोर) Shyor (श्योर) Saur (सौर) Jats live in Tonk, Jaipur district in Rajasthan. Saur/Sarmat clan found in Afghanistan. [1]


  • This gotra is originated from Nagavanshi rulers. [2]
  • Saur (सौर) was name of a King of Solankis whose descendants adopted Gotra Soharot (सोहरौत). [3]
  • Saur is name of Semal tree in Marathi language of which botanical name is Bombax ceiba (Hindi-Semal, Gujarati-Sawar, Marathi-Saur, Sanskrit-Salmali).

Villages founded by Shor clan

Sub divisions of Johiya

Bhim Singh Dahiya[4] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Johiya when they gained political ascendancy. The Sor clan supported the ascendant clan Johiya and became part of a political confederacy.[5]

According to H.A. Rose[6] Jat clans derived from Joiya are: Pasal, Mondhla, Khichar, Jani, Machra, Kachroya, Sor and Joiya.

In Mahabharata

Anusasana Parva/Book XIII Chapter 4 gives ancestry of Viswamitra, a Kshatriya whose sons became progenitors of many races of Brahmanas and founders of many clans. Shloka (XIII.4.58) mentions about Shyoruha. [7]


Dr Naval Viyogi[8] has mentioned the history of Sor Jat clan. According to him Cher, Chola and Pandyas have been important indigenous tribes of Ancient India. H.L. Kosare [9] puts forth his opinion on their origin and history. Urgapur was one of the towns of Nagas of southern region. We have enough information on this issue. Ptolemy has informed that the name of the chief city of southern Cholas was Aur-Thaur. Aur-Thaur was capital of Shor Nagas and it was under Shoartai [10]. The word Shor is synonymous of Sor or Chol of Tamil language. It is quite clear from the name of Shor nagas that Aur-Thaur was the capital of the naga kings; whosoever, he was called Shor (Chola) because he was the ruler of Shor-Tai.[11]

Bhim Singh Dahiya mentions about a Rigvedic tribe - Tura : (RV 1/18/2, VI/25/5, VIII/3/13, VII/41/2, V/4/5. VI/48/12 VII/40/1, l/171/1, VII/40/l etc.). Turvas is also mentioned as a king in RV X/63/10 and VI/20/12 etc. Turan are noted in RV 1/173/1, and ancient King Tura in 1/121/3. They are also mentioned in Sat.Br. IX/5/2,35. Zimmer and McDonnel, took this tribe as one of the five main Aryan tribes. They are justified also because the Avesta mentions these five tribes as Arya, Turya, Dahi, Shor,and Sarmat. Thus Shor is one of these tribes.

Sheoran Jats are the Sura of Indian Literature, [12] and Shor of Present day Central Asia. Mahabharata mentions a Suryasura and obviously not for the sun (Surya) but for the Sura people [13] Darada (the Darar clan people) a king of Bahlika was born from Surya. [14] The Sura Kings came for Yudhisthira’s sacrifice. [15]

Villages in Tonk district

Sor (सोर) Jats live in villages: Kuhada (1),

Villages in Jaipur district

Sor (सोर) Jats live in villages: Pratappura Phagi (1),

Shyor (श्योर) Jats live in villages: Pratappura Phagi (1),


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