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Achi Jat clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]

According to H. W. Bellew Acho, Aghoki and Ashak in Afghanistan appear to be the same, and may stand for the Indian Achi a tribe celebrated in the history of Kashmir (See Troyer's "Rajataringini"), and now represented in Afghanistan by the Achakzi. [2]



Achak, a tribe held to be distinct from the others by the Durani themselves, I take to represent the Indian Achi or Achiholada, " The turbulent Achi," of the Rajataringini, a branch of the Damara (Dumar Kakar before noticed) tribe, which figures in the history of Kashmir as a powerful and turbulent people about Lahore and the northern Punjab in the reigns of Avantivarma, 857 to 886 A.D., and of Harsha, 1090 to 1102 A.D., both kings of Kashmir; they may represent tribes of the Tokhari or Toghiyani Turk, or of the Kator. [4]

According to Rajatarangini[5] A'cha, the son-in-law of Pramoda the king of Mathura, who was subject to the king of Kashmira, set up an image of Mahadeva named A'cheshvara.

H. W. Bellew[6] writes....The Tarin tribe occupies the Sibi and Peshin districts, and is one of the five tribes composing the Sharkhbun division of the Sarabanri Afghan. ....The Tor Tarin, "Black Tarin," inhabit the Peshin valley, having the Achakzi to their north, the Barech to their west, and the district of Shal (Quetta) to their south, whilst on the east they are separated from their Spin Tarin tribesmen by a strip of Kakar territory.

Achak, or Achakzi

H. W. Bellew[7] writes that The Achak, or Achakzi, are entirely pastoral and predatory, and inhabit the Kadani valley and north slopes of the Khojak Amran range to the Toba tablelands. But they wander far to the west, and are found scattered all over the country to Herat and Badghis, and parts of the Ghor country. They are reckoned at five thousand tents, and are in two divisions, viz., Bahadur and Gajan.

Bahadur (Batar, a tribeless clan of Rajput) sections are : —

Ashdan. Bakar. Fam. Ghabe. Kako. Shamo, etc.

Gajan (Kachin tribe of Naga) sections are : —

Ada. Adrak. Ali. Ashe. Badi. Harun. Jali. Kamil. Lali. Mali. Mapi, Mushaki. Shakar, etc. Of the above sections

Of the divisions of the Nurzi, the Badi section is Turk, and the Chalak (Chalak or Solanki) Rajput. Little is known of this tribe.

The Ali, or Alizi, are reckoned at sixteen thousand families, and occupy much the same districts as their kinsfolk, the Aliko, above mentioned, their chief seat being on the plain of Zamindawar, to the west of the Helmand, between Bost and Chaknasur.

H. W. Bellew[8] writes that The Achakzi, as before stated, of all the Afghan tribes are noted for their turbulence and barbarity ; and the Sanskrit name Achi-ho-lada, or Achi-holara, of the Rajataringini expresses this character for it means " The turbulent Achi." Tod, in his enumeration of the Hindu tribes of the Indian desert, mentions the Ashyag, a name which may stand for the Sanskrit Achi, and is evidently the source of the Afghan Achak, whom we have noticed above among the Durani clans.

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