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Chapotkat (चपोत्कट)[1] Chaponkat (चापोन्कट) Chapu (चापू)[2] Chapoo (चापू)[3]Chap (चाप)/ Chopotkat (चोपोत्कट)[4] is gotra of Jats.


It is derived from sanskrit word Chaptkrisht (चपु+उत्कृष्ट = चपोत्कृष्ट = चपोत्कट). This gotra started from branch of Tanwars who were experts in dhanushavidya. [5]

Chapda village

Jat Gotras Namesake


The main sections of Tomar are Chapotkat or Chabuk.[6]

Chapotkat ruled in Rajasthan and Sindh in 7-8th century under Kalif Hasham (724-743 AD).

It is a well known fact that the Arabs had established themselves in Sindh at the beginning of the eighth century A.D. and used to send military expeditions into the interior from time to time. The Nausari plates of the Gujarat Chalukya Pulakesiraja, dated in 738 A.D., refers to an expedition of the Arabs in course of which they are said to have defeated the kings of the Saindhavas 1, the Kachchhellas 2, Saurashtra 3, the Chavotakas 4, the Mauryas 5and the Gurjaras 6. It seems very likely that the Arab invasion referred to in the grant was that undertaken by the officers of Junaid, the general of Kalif Hasham (724-743 AD).

It is interesting to nate that 1. Sindhu (सिंधु), 2. Kachela (काचेला), 3. Sorout (सोरोत), 4. Chapotkat (चपोत्कट)/ Chapu (चापू), 5. Maurya (मौर्य) / Mor (मोर), 6. Gurjara (गूर्जर) mentioned above are all in the list of Jat clans. Thakur Deshraj[7] tells us that a group of Jats around Kandahar was known as Gujar.

These facts in view of the Arab raids indicate that a confederacy of existing clans was formed to fight with Arab invaders. This led to the rise of a new ruling dynasty among the Pratiharas.

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