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(Shyorot, Sohrot, Sorout, Sorot, Sauauot, Sohrot, Sonhrot, Sourot, Sohraut, Soraut , Saurot , Solot)

Location  : Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

Country  : India

Languages : Rajasthani, Haryanvi

Religion  : Hinduism, Sikhism

Shorot (शोरोत) Shyorot (श्योरोत) Saurot (सोरोत) Sohrot (सोहरोत) Solot (सोलोत) Sorout (सोरौत , सोरोत) Sorot (सोरोत)[1] Sohrot (सोहरोत) [2]Sonhrot (सोंहरोत) Sourot (सौरोत) Sohraut (सोहरौत)/Soraut (सोरौत)[3] Soront (सोरोंत) Sorath/Soratha gotra Jats are found in Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. Sorout (सौरोत) and Solanki (सौळंक़ी) gotras are considered brother and sister and they don't marry each other.


  • Saur is name of Semal tree in Marathi language of which botanical name is Bombax ceiba (Hindi-Semal, Gujarati-Sawar, Marathi-Saur, Sanskrit-Salmali).

Jat Gotras Namesake


Barnala pillar Inscription of 227 AD about a person named Vardhaka of Sohart (सोहर्त) Gotra indicates the presence of these people around Jaipur in third century.[8]

According to Ganga Singh (1967: 20-30), Balcnand, the descendent of Madan Pal in his fifth generation in the Sinsini village, married the Saurot gotri wife of a Dagar gotri Jat. [9]

The Sorot(Solanki Jats) of Hodal


The Sorot Jats trace there origin from Sauroji(near Etah).The ancient name of Sauroji was Sukar Tirtha. There was a Solanki Jat king named Venuraja on this region who settled a place called Adhyarjipur.This additional village was ruled by Sondev, Purasen, Bhomdev, Ajitadeva, Narsingh Dev. A few generations later, King Sordeo was born from them. King Sauravadeva (Sauradatta) Solanki had restored the lost prestige by making all-round development of the Sukar pilgrimage area.He donated this area to Brahmins, so this area became famous as Sauroji rather than the Sukra region. The descendants of King Sauradeva are called Saurot Solanki.From Soroji they settled in Mathura and Atrauli (Aligarh), Agra region.

Establishment of Hodal

During the 15th century, the Muslim Odhs caste used to rob the Brahmins in the area of ​​the present Hodal.The Brahmin had sought protection from the Sorot Jats of Jartauli.The Sorout Jats defeated Odhs in the war and occupied the area of Hodal in 1500 AD.Hence from 1500 AD Hodal became capital of Sorot Jats.It is said that three brothers of Sorot Jat clan had arrived in this area before from Manak Jartauli village.The eldest among them was Ojhoo Singh who settled at Hodal, the second settled at Banchari, north of Hodal, and the youngest settled at Sondh, towards the northwest of Hodal.The six Patti's of Hodal were named after The 6 sons Ojhoo Singh(i.e Dharm Singh,Anduja Singh,Baksuha Singh,Ravia Singh and Tihab Singh).According to Ain I Akbari Vol 2 the Paragana of Hodal was in possession of Sorot Jats and was part of Sahar Sirkar.It generated a revenue of 4,62,720 Rupees annually and was spread over 78,500 bighas(this bigha is different from present bigha).

The Sorot Jats like other Jats or Braj became hostile towards Mughal empire during the reign of Auranjeb.Kashiram Singh Sorot was the ruler of Hodal and head of Sorot Jats in 18th century.Raja Badan Singh Sinsinwar of Deeg to strengthen his position married to his son (Surajmal) the daughter(Kishori Devi) of Kashiram Singh.This marriage prooved helpfull for both Sorots and Sinsinwars.It is said that Kashiram Singh died at Bharatpur and his wife Jas Kaur performed Sati at Hodal.The Sati Talab and Sati mandir was made in her honour at Hodal.Maharani Kishori of Hodal was the favourite wife of Maharaja Surajmal.She was intelligent and actively participated in the court politics.She is still well respected all over Braj.She didn't have any son so she adopted Jawahar Singh (who became the next ruler).

Balram Singh Sorot the successsor of Kashiram Singh became the Prime Minister of the vast Bharatpur kingdom(which spreaded from Hariana to Bundelkhand).He prooved his valour in many battles.After death of Maharaja Surajmal,Balram Singh became the de facto ruler and locked the access or treasury for Jawahar Singh.After the Seige of Delhi,Jawahar Singh was angered by the conducts of Balram Singh and he got the latter assassinated.The sons of Balram Singh made the famous Barah Khamba Chattri in his owner.After the death of Balram Singh the Sorot Jats declined though they retain Hodal and other possession till independence.The Jal Mahal,Hodal Mahal,Sati Mandir,Sati Kund,Barah Khamba Chattri,Kaccheri of Kashiram Singh,ruins of Fort and other monumets and Hodal remind us of the royal past of Sorot Jats.


It is said that around 1500 AD three brothers of Sorot Jat clan had arrived in this area before from Manak Jartauli village in UP. The eldest among them was Ojhoo who settled at Hodal , the second settled at Banchari, north of Hodal, and the youngest settled at Sondh, towards the northwest of Hodal.

Sarvapal Khap

Sarvapal Khap is a Khap of 22 villages. This is a grand organization spread from Faridabad, Ballabhgarh to Chhata, Kosi in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. It has 1000 village. It includes Deende Pal of Kosi Kalan, Gathona Khap of Bathain Kalan, Beniwal Khap of Kamar, Sorot Pal of Hodal, Munder Pal of Dhatir- Allika, Tewatia Pal of Janauli, Rawat Pal of Paigaon. [10]

सर्वपाल खाप

सर्व पाल खाप में 22 गाँव हैं. यह फरीदाबाद, बल्लभगढ़ से लेकर मथुरा जिले के छाता, कोसी तक फैला एक विशाल संगठन है. इसमें करीब 1000 गाँव हैं. इस खाप में कोसी की डींडे पाल, बठैन की गठौना पाल, कामर की बेनीवाल पाल, होडल की सौरोत पाल, धत्तीर- अल्लिका की मुंडेर पाल, जनौली की तेवतिया पाल, पैगांव की रावत पाल आदि सम्मिलित हैं. यह पाल दहेज़ निवारण में सबसे आगे है.[11]

Distribution in Rajasthan

There are a few villages in Hindon tahsil in Distt- Bharatpur .

Villages in Alwar district

Mala Khera, Chand Pahari,

Villages in Dausa district

Bandikui Jageer (Rural),

Villages in Karauli district

Mahoo Dalalpur, Mahoo Ibrahimpur, Mahoo Khas,

Villages in Sawai Madhopur district


Villages in Bharatpur district

Nagla Barela, Sorout Ka Bas

Distribution in Haryana

There are about 24 villages of Sorout gotra people around Hodal (Distt- Palwal)

Villages in Faridabad district


Villages in Palwal district

Banchari, Baptoli, Bedha Palwal, Bhulwana Palwal, Gorauta, Hodal, Jalalpur Muafi, Khirbi, Lohina, Maroli, Palri Hodal, Seoli Hodal, Sondh, Vijaygarh Palwal,

Villages in Hisar district


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Aligarh district

Nunhera Aligarh,

Villages in Firozabad district

Chulhawali, Tundla,

Villages in Ghaziabad district

Ataur, Dhindar, Nagla Firoj Mohanpur,

Villages in Mathura district

Hatana, Karman,

Villages in Hathras district


Villages in Moradabad district

Paharpur (Bilari),

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal district

Bhopal, Kolar Bhopal,

Villages in Hoshangabad district


Villages in Harda district


Villages in Gwalior district

Lashkar (Gwalior), Sunarpura Khalsa,

Villages in Shajapur district

Akodia Mandi, Chhilocha,

Notable Persons

  • Rajvir Singh Sourat (LNK) (15.03.1967 - 07.07.1999) is a Martyr of Kargil War from Haryana. He was from village Garhi Patti in Hodal tahsil of Palwal district in Haryana. He became Martyr on 07 July 1999 during Operation Vijay in Kargil War. Unit-17 Jat Regiment.
  • Gulab Singh Sarot - IAS Chandigarh.
  • Lt Col Ude Parkash Shorot - Of Village Sagarpur, Ballabgarh.
  • Mr Jagbir Shorot - Director, Lords International,Delhi.
  • Lt Col Yashbir Shorot - Retired Army Officer. Now Regional Director Of Entire East Zone Of Country In Pro-Interactive Services.
  • Commandant Udebir Shorot - Indo-Tibetan Border Police.
  • Lt Col Satyabir Shorot - Sena Medal.
  • Mr. Gulab Singh Sarot - IAS, Jt. Secretary-Home Home Haryana Govt. H. No. 3428, Sector 24-D Chandigarh Haryana, 0172-740229, 0172-2722927,(PP-967)
  • Kishan Singh Sorout - Chairman KISHAN SINGH HOSPITAL, Hodal (KSH LTD.), also President of Kosi Co-operative Bank, Kosi Kalan, Mathura.
  • Dr. Virender Sorout - MD, MACP. Chief Consultant at Kishan Singh Hospital, Hodal.
  • Mr. Birbal - IAS, from village Banchari.
  • शहीद महिलाल सिँह (बंचारी) - वीर चक्र विजेता, सन 1965 की भारत-पाक लड़ाई में गांव बंचारी के शहीद महिलाल सिँह ने अपने सीने पर ग्रेनेड बांधकर पाक टैंक को धवस्त किया था ।
  • शहीद बीरबल (बंचारी) - 1971 का युद्ध ।
  • शहीद दीपचंद (बंचारी) - हवलदार दीपचंद 31 दिसंबर 2001 को इम्फाल मणीपुर में हुई आतंकवादियों की गोलीबारी में कारगिल युद्व में शहीद हुए थे ।
  • शहीद कृष्ण कुमार सौरोत (बंचारी) - महाराष्ट्र के आयुध डिपो में आग लगने से अपनी जान न्यौछावर कर दी। कृष्ण कुमार सीआरपीएफ में 111वीं बटालियन में फायर मैन के पद पर तैनात था।
  • Tota Ram Sorot (Sondhiya) - Famous Haryanvi singer known for Haryanvi Mashup songs from Sondh village in Palwal, Haryana.
  • Anita Shorot- Notable Internationally acclaimed Educationist and Philosopher, Village Sagarpur.
  • Sudha Shorot- Banker at Nainital. Financial Adviser to Senior Military and ITBP Officers.
  • Aradhana Shorot- Emerging Philospher and Naturopath. Established herself as a counsellor and dog trainer. Based at Lucknow.
  • Upasana Shorot- Famed Graphologist and Corrective Measures Advisor. Based at Lucknow.
  • Sudhir Chaudhary (Sorout) - Top Jounalist of India.
  • Arun Jaildar (Sorot) - Pardhan Braj Mandal 52 Pal
  • Gangal Pehelwan (Sorot) - Legendary Wrestler, mother from Ghori Palwal

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