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Map of Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea is a brackish mediterranean sea located between Central and Northern Europe.


It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands.

Origin of name

Some Swedish historians believe the name derives from the cripple secondary god Balder of Nordic mythology. According to Ram Swarup Joon Baldeer was a Jat leader.[1]


Ram Swarup Joon writes in History of the Jats/Chapter III:

The name Scandanavia has been derived from Sikandh Nabh, Todd, while quoting Triner, writes that the Angle Saxons were Shah Nag Vanshi Jattias or Uties. After invading Scandanavia they founded Jutland. Todd writes that the greatest community of Scandanavia was Shiva Vanshi Jats. The customs of Sati and Johar were common amongst them and they had brought these with them from India. The non-Jat Population of Jut land used to call these customs barbarous.

On the death of Baldeer, a Jat leader, his elder wife Nanna was allowed the right to perform Sati but his younger wife Udan was not allowed the honour.

Quoting Herodotus Todd writes that these people 'worshipped according to Indian customs and swore on their weapons. They named their capital Asgarh. It is of interest that the ancient name of Hansi in Hissar district of Haryana was also Asgarh.

They considered the sight of certain birds as a good omen. Herodotus and Strabo agree that in about 2000 BC, the Jati community lived in Jutland. They built a temple there dedicated to their Goddess Ahilya. Her abode was in the garden and a cow drew her chariot. They also built the temple Apsala. The name of their God was Oven, which meant Budha the forefather of Chandra Vansh.

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