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Village naming convention has to be standardized on Jatland Wiki as we are providing links to villages, and Wiki is case-sensitive. So, we have to keep a uniformity in naming of Jat villages.


The under-mentioned pattern may be followed while writing names of Jat villages on Jatland Wiki:

  • To avoid creation of multiple pages for same village, adhere to spelling of the village provided in list of villages in tahsil given in tahsil place page.
  • If a village's name is in two parts, both parts should start with a capital letter - like: Pichaupa Kalan.
  • If a village's name has an active link i.e. appears blue on Wiki, its spelling in link should not be changed but in the article you can add : Pichaupa Kalan or Pichaupa Kala
  • The alternative name of a village be given wiki link by providing double square brackets [[]] and red entry be redirected to the first entry. That will link both the names.
  • Some names have three parts in it such as Jakhar ka Bas. The middle part is the connecting part and not a noun. This should begin with a small letter.
  • Bas and Dhani should be in this pattern and use this spelling.
  • Every village be provided with its Hindi name in brackets to avoid any confusion and proper pronunciation.
  • If a village name is found in various tahsils or districts and states, then it should be specified by adding name of tahsil or district: e.g., Nurpur Chandpur for Village 'Nurpur' in Chandpur tahsil of district Bijnor, and Nurpur Hapur for Village Village 'Nurpur' in tahsil and district Hapur.
  • If a village's name is ending with pur or sar or such word, then it should be combined and name be one word Ex. Biramsar, Shekisar, Rampur, Daulatpur. It should not be written in two words such as Biram Sar, Ram Pur
  • When Gotra and village name are same say Mahala, then Mahala will be for Gotra and Mahala Jaipur for the village by putting name of tahsil or district after it.

Terms for habitations in Rajasthan

  • Baori (बावडी) = A Habitation near a Baori or Pond,
  • Bara (बड़ा) = Large, As in Dheerwas Bara (धीरवास बड़ा) (Churu)
  • Bas (बास) = As in Bas Dhakan (बास ढ़ाकान)
  • Bera (बेरा) - Reservoir
  • Beri (बेरी) = A village site with shallow water well, as in Beri Chahar (बेरी चाहर)
  • Chhota (छोटा) = Small, As in Molisar Chhota (मोलीसर छोटा) (Churu)
  • Der (डेर) = Maylon Ka Der (मायलों का डेर)
  • Dhani (ढाणी) = Hamlet, As in Dhani Asha
  • Dhimdi (ढीमड़ी) = As in Dara Ki Dhimdi (Pali)
  • Gaon (गाँव) = Village, As in Ransi Gaon (रणसी गाँव)
  • Goliya (गोलिया) = ? As in Dhakon Ka Goliya (ढाकों का गोलिया)
  • Guda (गुडा) = Meaning ?, As in Guda Vishnoiyan (गुढा विश्नोइयान)
  • Jagir (जागीर) = A village under some Jagir or fiefdom, As in Amarpura Jagir (अमरपुरा जागीर)
  • Jatan (जाटान) - Village inhabited by Jats, As in Gawar Jatan (गवार जाटान)
  • Kala (कलां) - As in Togra Kalan (Jhunjhunu)
  • Khera (खेडा) = Meaning ?, As in Khera Jat (खेड़ा जाट)
  • Kheri (खेड़ी) - Meaning ?, As in Neel Ki Kheri (नील की खेड़ी), Hurda, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.
  • Khurd (खुर्द) = Meaning ?, As in Tonk Khurd (टोंक खुर्द)
  • Mauja (मौजा) - Meaning ?, As in Bajya ka Mauja (बाज्या का मौजा - पराना)
  • Nagla (नगला) - Meaning ? As in Nagla Salaru (नगला सलारू), Nand Ka Nagla (नन्द का नगला)
  • Pana (पाना) - Meaning ? As in Berro Ka Pana (बेरड़ो का पाना)
  • Pur (पुर) = City, As in Manik Pur (मानिकपुर)
  • Sar (सर) = Pond, or Forest in Sanskrit, As in Abadsar (आबड़सर) (Churu)
  • Tala (तला) = A village site with deep water well, As in Beriwala Tala (बेरीवाला तला)
  • Was (वास) = Kheecharo Ka Was (खीचड़ों का वास)
  • Wata (वता) - Meaning ?, As in Ardawata (अरड़ावता) (Jhunjhunu), Thathawata (ठठावता) (Churu)

Terms for habitations in Uttar Pradesh

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Terms for habitations in Punjab

  • Pindi (पिंडी) = Village

Terms for habitations in Madhya Pradesh

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