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Dhonchak (ढोंचक)[1] Dhonchak (ढोन्चक)[2] Dhochak (ढोचक)[3] Dhanchak (ढांचक) is gotra of Jats found in Haryana. Dhaunchak (धौंचक) [4][5] Dhauchak (धौचक)[6] is a Gotra found among the Sikh Jats. They were supporters of Panwar Confederacy. [7]

Origin of name

Dhonchak Gotra gets name from ancestor named Dhonchak.[8]


Bhim Singh Dahiya[9] refers Rajatarangini which says that after defeating Yashovarman of Kannauj, king Lalitaditya Muktapiḍa of Kashmir created five new high offices of treasury, etc., and these offices were given to Shahi princes Shahi is again a Jat clan. Even Daṇehaka (the present Dhanchak Jats) is mentioned as Commander-in-Chief of Army.

According to Bhim Singh Dahiya[10] the Gondal clan represents the “Go-nanda” dynasty of Kashmir, the Lohar jats are the descendants of the Lohar kings of Kashmir, just as the Lalli, the Sahi, the Balhara, the Bring, the Takhar, the Dhonchak, the Samil, the Kular, and so on represent the people mentioned in the Rajatarangini of Kalhana.

H.A. Rose[11] writes that Dhaunchak (धौंचक) is one of the principal clans of the Jats in Karnal, with its headquarters at Binjhaul. Intermarries in Rohtak.

ढोंचक गोत्र का इतिहास

पंडित अमीचन्द्र शर्मा[12]ने लिखा है - तहसील पानीपत जिला करनाल में ढोंचक गोत्र के जाटों का बींझोल एक नामी बड़ा गाँव है। जिला रोहतक में भी ढोंचक गोत्र का एक गाँव है लाट। इस गोत्र के बड़े का नाम ढोंचक था जिससे यह गोत्र चला। पँवार संघ से अलग होकर जाट संघ में मिल गया। पँवार संघ में अधिकतर जाट गोत्र ही थे। यह विवरण बींझोल गाँव के के ढोंचक गोत्र के जाट चौधरी गोरखा ने उपलब्ध कराया।

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Panipat district

Ahar, Beenjhola (also known as Binjhol), Karad, Kurana, Sivanamal,

Villages in Sonipat district


Notable persons

  • Man Mohan Dhochak - HCS Haryana. A-5, Officers Colony Sirsa Haryana, 01663-254005 (PP-1017)
  • Major Ashish Dhonchak - Martyr, who lost life while fighting with Pakistani militants in Anantnag, J&K, on 13 Sept, 2023.
  • Major Vikas Dhonchak - Indian Armed Forces Officer Class-1 gazetted , National Security Guard(NSG) Special Forces
  • Rajesh Kumar Dhochak (Hav.) was Raj-Rif Brave Hero of our Country who sacrificed his life on 1.8.2009 in Jammu and Kashmir fighting with terrorists. He was awarded with Ashok Chakra for his bravery the by President of India on 26th Jan, 2010. He was from village Lath, tah: Gohana, district Sonipat, Haryana. Unit: 11 Rajputana Rifles.
  • Rampal Pahalwan - From Ahar Panipat, अहर गांव के रामपाल पहलवान को कई बार राष्ट्रीय-अंतरराष्ट्रीयस्तर की सर्कल कबड्डी में बेस्ट कैचर के अवार्ड से नवाजा जा चुका है।

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