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Jurel (जुरेल) Jurail (जुरैल)[1][2][3] Joorail (जूरैल)[4] [5]Jureil is Gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.


It originated from Raja Jali (जाली) son of Raja Sanjaya. Jalo, Jali and Jurel Jat gotras are from the same ancestor Jali. This word developed from Juvaraniya (जुवराणिया) where the role of Yuvaraja was more than the king. Juvarajika (जुवराजिक) changed to 'Juvarail' and finally to Jurail. [6]

Jurail Khap

Jurail Khap is a small Khap having only 8 villages around Agra in Uttar Pradesh.[7]

जुरैल खाप

24. जुरैल खाप - यह बहुत छोटी खाप है. उत्तर प्रदेश के जनपद आगरा में इस खाप के केवल 8 गांव हैं. [8]


Ram Swarup Joon[9] writes... Gaurs are Brahmins as well as Kshatriyas. They trace their origin to Suryavanshi King Mandhata, Mandhatha's mother's name was Goran, who was a Chandravanshi.

According to the "Vayu Purana" (Ansha 99. shloka 130) Mandhata was therefore called Gaur Naresh. According to Bhagwat Datt, both Gaur Brahmins and Gaur Kshatriyas started from King Mandhatha and the Harit gotra started from his great grandson. During the advent of Islam in Afghanistan the ruler of that place belonged to Ghore dynasty. His name was Subhag Sen. Even now there are a large number of people belonging to this dynasty in Zabalisthan and are called Ghorzai. Shahahuddin Mohammed Ghori belonged to this very dynasty. Ghore is a branch of the Baluches also, but they are not accepted as proper Baluchis. Bhagor in Bikaner was the capital of the Ghor kings, from where they were driven out by the people belonging to Bal Clan. After that they settled down in the mountainous county of Ajmer where they are found in large numbers even today. Bundi and Sirohi were also under their occupation. The Chauhan clan conquered the Ghors. Their inscriptions have also been found in Malwa and Bhind. The Bhandon Ghor kings ruled in Bhandra in district Hissar, and they were included in 35 royal clans. Jurel also belonged to Bhadon Ghor Clans.

They are considered to be descendants of Lava (लव) , the son of Rama. A group of descendants of Lava was moving towards Ayodhya after Muslim attacks in North-west. Once this group camped at a place known as Sankura (सांकुरा). There was a struggle with the local chieftain, who was defeated. This republic was near Badayun. Out of these people four brothers moved from here with the idea to settle elsewhere. Two brothers settled near Sadabad. Two brothers thus settled halfway so they were known as adhaitia (अधैतिया) which later changed to Badhautia. [10]

The elder brothers Kesho Singh and Gambhir Singh moved further. They camped near Khandauli village, defeated local Kalar people and occupied the land. The group of these two brothers had traveled the distance with tying knots (जूरी) in munja grass with the objective of tracing the route hence were called 'Jurail'. [11]

The Jatakas mention about rulers of Shivi tribe. One of them was a religious and kind king named Sanjaya, who donated every thing and moved himself with his wife Madri, son Jali Kumar and daughter Krishnajina Kumari to 'Bankagiri'. The Buddhist literature 'Avadan Kalplata' writes Sanjay as Vishwamitra. These people were democratic rulers of Ganasangha type. All works were done in these ganas with the consent of clan people. [12]

ठाकुर देशराज लिखते हैं

यह शब्द युवराजिक से बना है । जैन-ग्रन्थों में हम जुवरायिणा लोगों का वर्णन पढ़ते हैं । जुवरायिणा वे लोग थे जिनके यहां शासन कार्य में राजा की अपेक्षा युवराज का हाथ अधिक रहता था । युवराजितक से जुवराजिक और फिर जुवरैल तथा जूरैल शब्द बन गया । इन लोंगों का अस्तित्व-जैन काल में मालवा और मगध के आस-पास पाया जाता है ।[13]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Agra district

Chirhauli, Jaupura, Khandoli, Nagla Dalsahay, Pant Khara,

Village in Hathras district

Ghooncha, Heli (Midhawali), Kanjauli,

Villages in Mathura district

Jurel Khap has 12 villages in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. [14] These are Govindpur (गोविंदपुर) , Paint Kheda (पैंत खेड़ा) , Kalhu (कल्हू) , Nala village (नाला) , Nagaria (नगरिया) , Burj Mathura (बुर्ज) , Mukkha (मुक्खा), Virauna (विरौना) near Baldev (Dauji)

Villages in Firozabad district

Villages in Etmadpur tahsil are Chirhauli (चिरहौली) , Garhi Sahja (गढ़ी सहजा) , Garhi Wajra (गढ़ी वाजरा), and Gaunchh (गौन्छ).[15]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Bharatpur district


Villages in Kota district


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Indore district


Villages in Nimach district


Notable persons

  • Jaswant Singh Choudhary Jurela - X. EN. PWD, Date of Birth : 28-June-1950,Present Address : 34, Railway Housing Society,Mala Road, Kota,Phone: 9414231088, Mob: 9413300818
  • Sandeep Chaudhary -
  • Ch. Vishambhar Singh Jurel -
  • Udham Singh Joorel - Commando Rajasthan Police, Certified Physical Training instructor by North eastern Police Academy, Meghalaya. Village - Kanjauli , Near Khandauli, Agra, Hathras, Mob.- 9084149800
  • Dhruv Chand Jurel (born 21 January 2001) is an Indian international cricketer. He is a right-handed batter and wicket-keeper. He also plays for Uttar Pradesh in domestic cricket and for Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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