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(Bura, Burra, Boora, Boore, Buri, Boori)

Location  : Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana

Country  : India

Languages : Dhundhari, Rajasthani, Haryanvi and Khadi Boli

Religion  : Hinduism, Arya Samaj

Bura (बूरा)[1][2] Burra (बुर्रा) Boora (बूरा)[3] Boore/Bure (बूरे)[4] Buri (बूरी)[5] Boori (बूरी) Bhura (भूरा) Ghurahaua (घुरहऊआ) is Gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.


They are said to be descended from King Varika (वरिक) . The Bure/Bura Jats migrated from Punjab to east and the ones from same clan who didn't migrate were Varik/Virk Jats. Varik/Virk are Sub-clans of Bure Jats. [6]

Villages after Bura

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[7] mentions town of Bura in Mesopotamia....Besides the cities already mentioned, it contains those of Seleucia3, Laodicea4, Artemita5; and in Arabia, the peoples known as the Orei6 and the Mardani, besides Antiochia7, founded by Nicanor, the governor of Mesopotamia, and called Arabis.

Joining up to these in the interior is an Arabian people, called the Eldamani, and above them, upon the river Pallaconta, the town of Bura, and the Arabian peoples known as the Salmani and the Masei.

3 On the left bank of the Euphrates, opposite to the ford of Zeugma; a fortress of considerable importance.

4 Its site is unknown. Dupinet confounds it with the place of this name mentioned in the last Chapter, calling them by the name of Lor.

5 Pliny is wrong in placing Artemita in Mesopotamia. It was a city of Babylonia, in the district of Apolloniatis. The modern Sherbán is supposed to occupy its site.

6 Burnouf, having found the name of these people, as he supposes, in a cuneiform inscription, written "Ayura," would have them to be called Aroei. The Orei are also mentioned in B. v. c. 20.

7 This Antioch does not appear to have been identified.


Ram Swarup Joon[8] writes about Lalla, Saroha or Sirohi, Gathwala and Malik (branch of Madraka): Malak, Gathwala, Tank, Bura and Sangroha are the gotras of the same dynasty. According to the Bards of the Gathwala, the latter on being ousted from Ghazni, moved towards Multan and Satluj River. They were accompanied by their Bards, some of who became Doms and Barbers. The Malak and Gathwala (Kath) republics existed in the Punjab at the time of Alexander's invasion. They also lived in Jhang and Bahawalpur State later. They ruled over Dipalpur near Hansi. Kutubuddin Aibak defeated them and drove them out of their capital. Later on, they spread out to Rohtak and Muzaffarnagar districts. They continued to struggle against Panwar and Midhan Rajputs. They have 35 villages in Rohtak district. Chaudhary Bacha Ram is regarded the leader of a big Khap (republic) of 160 villages besides 10 villages in Jind State, in district Hissar, 2 in Meerut, 52 in Muzaffarnagar and some in Himachal Pradesh.

Buras and Sirohis are at present found in Rajasthan, Karmach, Burhakhera, Jind and Karnal, and 12 other villages like Khosra, Bhador, and Girana. In addition they have six villages in Patiala, one village Saidpur, and 8 other villages in Bulandshahr District of UP. Sangroha is a derivative of the word 'Saroha" and exists as a separate gotra.

Bura (बुरा) , a small Jat clan, found in Jind. The samādh of its jathera is at Kallu Kotli in Patiala, and it is worshipped at weddings. [9]

Burra (बुर्रा), a Jat tribe, found in Dera Ghazi Khan and Bahawalpur. The title of Jam is prefixed to their names and it is probably of Sindhi origin. [10]

This gotra's main village is village Ghirai Distt Hisar, from where it spread (directly and indirectly) to districts Jind, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Rohtak (Meham tehsil), Sonipat, and Bhiwani in Haryana. In UP and some part of Haryana the gotra Boora known as Sirohi/Saroya/Siroha.

Bura are mentioned by Cunningham[11] in an inscription at the Buddhist Stupa of Sanchi of the Ashoka period as under:

No. 112. — Burāya musanagothiyajana Vedisānyā. Meaning: "Gift of Bura(?) . . . of Vidisha.

Villages founded by Buri clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Khatipura, Murlipura Scheme, Sanganer, Tonk Road, Vidyadhar Nagar, Yagyashala ki Bawri,

Villages in Jaipur district

जयपुर जिले में बूरी गोत्र के गांव - सूरपुरा, निमेडा, मोहन का बास, नोरंगपुरा, कालवाड, हिंगोनिया, मुंडिया रामसर, बगरु, हिम्मतपुरा,

Boori (बूरी) Jats live in villages:

Akhepura, Bagru Kalan, Bhikhawas, Chakmojya, Daulatpura Sanganer, Gangati Kalan (2), Himmatpura Jaipur, Hingoniya, Itakhoi, Jaipur, Kalwar, Ladana Phagi (2), Lordi, Manchwa, Mohan Ka Bas, Mundiya Ramsar, Nathmalpura Ki Dhani (2), Nimeda Jaipur, Norangpura Sambhar, Sinwar, Soorpura,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Buri Jats live in: Mandasi (125),

Villages in Tonk district

Boori Jats live in the villages: Bhurakakad (1), Bajya ka Mauja (4) Hindola (3), Jyanki Balbhpura (3), Maluni (8),

Villages in Barmer district

Buran Ka Tala,

Villages in Kota district

Ganeshkhera ,

Villages in Churu district

Sujangarh (1),

Villages in Nagaur district

Buri Jats live in: Bangarh (20),

Distribution In Uttar Pradesh

Bura (बूरा/भूरा) - गोत्र के जाट जिला- गोण्डा के तहसील - सदर गोण्डा के गाँव - पारासराय के साँवक पुरवा में श्री रणधीर सिंह उर्फ चत्तुर सिंह (प्रधान),श्री मनबहाल सिंह ,श्री ऊधम सिंह ,श्री धर्म सिंह ,श्री दूधनाथ सिंह आदि,

जिला - बलरामपुर के विकास खण्ड- गैसड़ी के ग्राम- बेनीनगर में श्री अनूप सिंह पूर्व प्रधान,श्री अन्नू सिंह ,श्री आशीष सिंह , श्री मनीष सिंह आदि

जिला - बस्ती के ग्राम- पोखन्नी में श्री ओमप्रकाश सिंह आदि रहते हैं।

गाँव Thathiya Mathiya ठठिया मटेहिया में बुरा ( घुरहऊआ ) गोत्र के श्री शोभनाथ सिंह उर्फ गोलई ,श्री दृगविजय सिंह उर्फ ननके , श्री राममगन जाट (पूर्व प्रधान) ,श्री जरनैल सिंह , श्री अशर्फीलाल सिंह उर्फ बाऊर एवं लौर/लऊर गोत्र के एक घर श्री गोली सिंह रहते हैं।

जानकारी स्रोत - रणजीत सिंह पुत्र श्री सिद्धनाथ सिंह , सुपौत्र श्री पूजाराम जाट पद-शिक्षक mob. ( 9794032365, 7985934605 है।

Villages in Etah district

Burrakalan, Burrakhurd,

Villages in Gonda district

Bura also called Ghurahaua (घुरहऊआ) found in villages:

Ashokpur Jat Purwa, Balpur Jat, Laxmanpur Jat, Pura Saray,

Villages in Balrampur district


Villages in Basti district


Villages in Bulandshahr district

Karim Nagar Banboi,

Distribution In Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam with population of Boori gotra are:


Villages in Indore district

Sherpur Indore[12] 1,

Villages in Khargone district

Kodala, Pipliya Bujurg, Rupala,

Villages in Raisen district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages In Bhiwani District

Prem Nagar,

Villages in Hisar district

Mirzapur Hisar,

Ghirai is the main village of this clan.

In Hisar district Haryana there are 9 villages Gurana, Ghirai, ( Kharkari) Bhadhawar, Rajli...... 9 of Boora surname about 500 years they were called Sirohi but after an incident with muslim rulers they called Boora. These villages are more than 450 years old.

Villages in Jhajjar district

Boora Jats found in:


Villages in Kaithal district

Balu, Kurar,

Villages in Rohtak district

Villages in Jind district

Beri Khera (बेरी खेड़ा), Bogriya, Budha-Khera, Chhana, Hatt, Khokhri, Rajana Khurd, Ramnagar, Rozla (रोजला),

Villages in Kurukshetra district


Notable Persons of this Gotra

  • Mahavir Singh Boora (Havildar) (14.05.1959 - 05.07.1999) is Martyr of Kargil war from Haryana. He was from village Ghiray tahsil Hansi, district Hisar, Haryana He martyred on 5 July 1999 in Operation Vijay of Kargil War. He was in Unit-17 Jat Regiment.
  • Nirmala Boora - Wrestler from Ghirai village in Hisar district in Haryana. She is winner of silver medal in 48-kg category wrestling at the Commonwealth Games - 2010 at Delhi.
  • Sundar Bura - IAS, Haryana
  • Kuldeep Singh Bura - from Ghirai, Manager, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
  • Major Pardeep Bura - from Ghirai, Indian Army
  • Prof. S S Boora, Department of Tourism, Kurukshetra University.
  • Ch. Har Swaroop Boora (Advocate) Ex MLA from Meham, Rohtak
  • Dalbir Singh Bura (Naik) (24.12.1961 - 08.08.1989) became martyr on 08.08.1989 at Mulayhiu in Srilanka during Operation Pawan fighting with LITTE militants. He was from Budha Khera, tahsil Safidon in Jind district of Haryana. Unit: 11 Rajputana Rifles.
  • Sher Singh Choudhary (Boori) - A.En. Nagar Nigam, Jaipur, Date of Birth : 28-July-1963, Present Address : 105, Girnar Colony ,Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Phone Number : 0141-2356113, Mob: 9414251884
  • T. R. Buri - AAO SKN College of Agri., Jobner, Date of Birth : 1-August-1954, Vill. - Bikawas, PO- Kalakh, Via, Jobner, Tah -Phulera, Distt.- Jaipur, Raj. Mob: 9414820572,
  • Ch. Ajit Kumar Boora Retired Inspector from BSF of Vill. Hatt(हाट) Dist. Jind, Mob: +919416935640.
  • Ch. Subash Chand Boora Working as AM in N.F.L Bathinda from Vill. Hatt(हाट) Dist. Jind, Mob: +919216172047.
  • Mr.M.S. Boora - Sr. Manager Pawan Hans Helicopter, B- BLK, CORPORATE OFFICE, SAFDARJANG AIRPORT, New Delhi, 4446/B-5-6, Vasant Kunj, 011-24653988 011-30987929, boorams@rediffmail.com boora_ms@yahoo.co.in, PSU (PP-867)
  • Ravinder Boora- S/O sh Satbir Singh Boora, VPO: Khanpur, dist Hissar, Mob:9871234003
  • Vijendar Boora - Prop m/s ravindara relocation c balock sanjay garam gurgaon, Mob:9891234003
  • Hanuman Boori - हनुमान बुरी, सहायक सांख्यिकी अधिकारी,जयपुर, स्थाई पता- गांव - सूरपुरा, (बोराज) जयपुर पिन कोड -303338, मोबाइल नंबर - 9462213889,वर्तमान पता -प्लॉट नंबर 51,हस्तिनापुर C, गांधी पथ पश्चिम, पांच्यावाला जयपुर-302021,
  • Har Swaroop Boora - (Advocate) Ex MLA Meham, from Kirmach, Rohtak, Haryana.
  • Ramniwas Buri - Adv Supreme Court of India, Mob: 9868239578



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