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Dangi (डांगी)[1] [2] Dange (डांगे) Dangi (दांगी)[3] Jats are found in Rajasthan.[4] They are called Dange in Maharashtra. Dangi clan is found in Afghanistan. Dangi is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat. [5]

Origin of name

As they lived in this hilly region, they are called Dangi, as Dang means Hill.

Rangi and Dangi gotra people of Madina and Bhaini Bhairon village are considered same in Meham Tehsil.


Ram Swarup Joon[6] writes that Dangar, Dagar, Dingari, Dangi and Dalgi are all one and the same. They are found spread over Western and Eastern Punjab and U.P. According to the Dagars of Delhi area their ancestors had come from Gujrat and their forefather was one Yadu Bhan, nephew of Nabha-ji and brother of Jadija. For this reason Dagars are related to the Gondals.

Yadu Bhan's coins are found in this area. The Salt Ranges of the Punjab are also called "Jadu Ka Dang".

As they lived in this hilly region, they are called Dagar or Danger. The Dagar have 20 villages in Delhi, and about 24 villages near Hindon in Jaipur State, some villages in Rohtak and about 25 villages in Bharatpur State. They are also found in Bikaner, Multan, Muzaffarnagar and Western Punjab.

Dangis rulers at Eran

Eran is an ancient historical place in Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, India. It can be called to be the oldest historical town of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh. In earlier coins and inscriptions its name appears as Airikiṇa. From an early inscription at Sanchi we know that the residents of Eran had made some gifts to the famous Stupa situated at Sanchi. Eran is derived from Eraka. The word erakā probably refers to a kind of grass which grows at Eran in abundance. [7]

The village of Eran has a most interesting collection of archaeological relics. There is a fort in rulings attributed to the Dangis, who formerly dominated over this region. The site had a number of Vishnu shrines but nothing now remains except some of the lower courses of masonry, four standing columns with there architrave and some beams and part of door ways. The Principal statue is a colossal Varaha about 10 feet high. The excavation conducted by the Department of Archeaology of the University of Sagar have yielded relics similar to those found at Maheshwar and Tripuri showing that Eran formed the Northern most limit of the Chalcolithic culture in Madhya Pradesh. [8] Excavations were carried out at Eran in 1960-61 to 1964-65; and 1987-88. [9] Excavations at Eran have revealed about the earliest fort built by mud ramparts. Prof. K.D. Bajpaihas has studied coins from Eran excavations and has done a chronological analysis.[10] He has given a note on ‘Svabhoganagara’ in the Eran inscription of Samudragupta. [11]

Villages founded by Dangi clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Chandpol, Murlipura Scheme, Sanganer,

Villages in Alwar district


Villages in Sikar district

Dangion Ki Dhani, Fogawat Ki Dhani,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Baggar, Bakra, Bamanwas (350), Bas Kuloth, Bhurasar, Bibasar (Near Dhigal), Bisanpura, Dangia Ki Dhani (near Hirwa), Dhana, Hansas (150), Jatawas (150), Kaloth, Nayasar, Ojtoo (2000), Patusari,

Bibasar, Ojtoo & Hansas villages in Jhunjhunu district are fully Dangi Gotra Jats.

Villages in Hanumangarh district


Villages in Jodhpur district

Bisalpur, Dangiyawas,

Villages in Nagaur district


Villages in Chittorgarh district


Villages in Pali district


Villages in Churu district

Bairasar Chhota, Neshal, Thirpali Bari

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Gurgaon district

Pawala Khasrupur.

Villages in Bhiwani district

Devrala, Un,

Villages in Mahendergarh district


Villages in Panipat district

Bandh (बांध),

Villages in Rohtak district

Madina (450),

Villages in Hisar District


Villages in Sirsa District

Lakhuana, Ding[13]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesha

Villages in Bagpat district

Luhari, Khera, Hatana, Kham Pur

Distribution in Punjab

Dangi Jats population is 4,500 in Patiala district.[14]

Notable Persons

  • Pinku Kumar Dangi (Havaldar) (1983 - 27.03.2021), Shaurya Chakra (posthumous), became martyr on 27.03.2021 during Operation Rakshak in Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir, fighting with militants. He was from Luhari Baraut village in Baraut tehsil in Bagpat district in Uttar Pradesh. Unit: 6 Jatregiment/34 Rashtriya Rifles.
  • Virendra Singh (Dangi) - IAS, from village Kham Pur, Bagpat
  • Anand Singh Dangi - MLA Meham.
  • Late Sh. Shroop Singh Dangi - Ex Chairman Meham Block.
  • Sudhir (Kullu) Dangi - Ex Chairman Meham Block
  • Davender Dangi - Technical Director, Microtek Delhi.
  • Mr. Rajbir Dangi - Govt. Service DEN (HQ), Northern Railway Railways, Ambala, New Delhi, H. No.-111, Kargil Appt., Sec-18, Dwarka, New Delhi, Ph: 011-28034222, 9729539210, Email: rajbirdenhq@rediffmail.com (PP-669)
  • Mr. Jagat Singh Dangi - Educationist, Principal Education, Haryana Govt. GSSS Khakhra Road, 208/22, Dev Colony Rohtak Haryana, Ph : 01262-272867 (PP-925)
  • Mr. Rishi Dangi - State Govt, BDO Revenue Haryana Govt. Hathin, 19/11, Railway Colony, Sewa Nagar, New Delhi. Ph: 011-24601059 (PP-1034)
  • Shahid Lans Nayak Rajendra Singh Dangi - 16 Jat Regiment,From Neem Ka Thana, Sikar, Rajasthan, Martyr in December-2014. [15]
  • Ravindra Dangi: IAS 2012 batch, Additional Secretary to Horticulture and Floriculture, Jammu, J&K Cadre, M: 9469112000
  • Jai Prakash Arya (Dangi) - Retired D.G.M from Oriental Bank of Commerce, belongs to western up Baghpat village Khera Hatana, Mob no 9821977211
  • NAVNET SINGH DANGI- IFoS ,2015 Batch,Indian Forest Service officer.All India Services (AIS) comprises three civil services: the Indian Administrative Service IAS the Indian Police Service IPS and the Indian Forest Service IFoS.Cadre- J&K.Residence Sector 2,Bahadurgarh, Haryana
  • Sanjeet Dangi- Central Govt,Serving as Inspector in GST and Customs Department,.Residence Sector 2,Bahadurgarh, Haryana


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