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Map of Ancient Jat habitations

Sindhu (सिंधु)[1] Sandhu (संधू)[2] Sandhu (संधु)[3]/Sanddhu (सन्द्धु)[4] Sindher (सिंढर) Sindhu (सिन्धू)[5] Sindhar (सिंधर) Sindhad (सिंधड़)[6] Sandhad (संधड़)[7] gotra Jats are found in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir in India and also in Pakistan. Sindhu is an ancient gotra. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [8]


This gotra originated from Sindhu Janapada of Mahabharata period. [9] Sandhus are considered descendants of King Satyasandhu (सत्यसंधु) . [10]Sindhu Raja Jayadratha, who had married Duryodhana's sister, fought for the Kauravas in the Mahabharat. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned Sindhu as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [11]


Nagendra Nath Bannerjee writes in his book 'Bangla Shabd Kosh' that Jaidratha before becoming the ruler of Sindh Desh ruled Ceylon. Jaidratha was born in the 52nd generation of Yayati's third son Ardas. His father was Dardshanu. His capital in Sindhu Desh was Alwa and he had constructed forts at Mathela, Shiv Rao, Bhan and Shavistan. In 600 BC a Sindhu ruler helped Babylonia against Cyrus. Later another ruler helped Darius against Alexander. After having been ruled by Sindhus for many generations, Sindhu Desh came under the rule of Mauryas. Chach, a Brahmin courtier, assasinated the Mauryan ruler in conspiracy with his corrupt queen. The Sindhu and Midh Jats of Sindhu Desh resented it and consequently helped Khalifa Al Qasim against Chach. After Chach came to power, the Sindhu Jats left Sindhu Desh in large numbers and settled in the Punjab and established a big 'Khap' there.

Bhim Singh Dahiya[12] writes that the ancient Greeks mentioned them as Sindi (Sindicar of Herodotus) and placed them on the Basphorus. In Indian literature they are mentioned as Sindhu or Saindhava and are associated with Sauvira-of the expression Sindhu-Saurira. In Kurma Purana and Vishnu Purana, they are mentioned with the Hunas : “Sauvirah Saindhava Hunan” (सैबीरा सैंधवाहूणाः) as residents of Sakala, Sialkot . Panini mentions a janapada (Republic) of the Sindhus between Jhelum and Indus rivers ([13] In Mahabharata war, they fought on the side of Kauravas. [14] A copper plate inscription of Gujarat, Chalukiya Pulakesi Raja Refers to Tajikas, i.e. Arabs who had defeated the Sandhus and other tribes in west India. Earlier, in 739 A.D. they had defeated the Arabs under their king Punyadeva. In 756 and 776 A.D., they twice repulsed the Arab naval attacks.

Distribution in Punjab

The majority of Sindhus are found in the districts of Lahore and Amritsar.

Villages in Moga district

Ramu Wala,

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Patiala district

Sandhu (34,500)in Patiala district: This clan claims to have migrated from the Amritsar area of the Punjab in the 16th century A.D. and holds villages in the sub-districts of Barnala, Bhatinda, Rajpura, Ghanaur, and Amargarh.[15]

Villages in Ludhiana district

Sidhu (24,741) in Ludhiana district: It is believed that this clan originally came from the Faridkot area of Punjab about 350 years ago and own a good many villages around the town of Jagraon.[16]

Villages in Jalandhar district

According to B S Dhillon the population of Sandhu clan in Jalandhar district is 15,000.[17]:

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

In Hoshiarpur district the Sandhu population is 3,675. [18]

Villages in Fazilka district

In Firozpur district the Sandhu population is 31,500. [19]


Villages in Sangrur district

Villages in Amritsar district


Villages in Gurdaspur district

Thakar Sandhu,

Distribution in Haryana

Sindher in Haryana - In Haryana these people are called Sindher. Actually this is wrongly interpreted. Sandhu and Sindhar are different gotras. I being Sandhu know much more about it. The biggest Sandhu Gotra villages in Haryana are Koth Kalan also called Koth Kalan and Koth Khurd. There is also one village near Panipat called Khotpura, which was inhabited by the decedents of Koth Kalan.The residents of Kheri Sadh (Rohtak) and Nunond (नौणंद) (Rohtak) are actually Sandhu not Sindhar.[20] Villages in Haryana are -

Villages in Karnal district

Gagsina (गगसीना), Jaisinghpur, Get (गेट), Thari (ठरी), Kheri Mansingh

Villages in Hisar district

Sindher (Hissar Distt), Khanda Kheri in (Hissar Distt),Naloi ,Satrod Khas,

Villages in Rohtak district

Kheri Sadh (Rohtak Distt), Mokhara, Nunond - pronunciated as Naunand - नूणंद, नूणोंद, नौणंद) - emerged from Kheri Sadh near Rohtak city.

Villages in Yamunanagar district

Sandhu gotra is in villages:-

Aharwala, Amadalpur, Cahadwala, Chuharpur, Damla, Jathlana, Ratuwala, Yamunanagar Town,

Villages in Panipat District


Villages in Ambala District

Berkhedi, Mohdi (मोहड़ी), Tharwa Majri

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Hapur district

Bachhrota ,Shyampur Jatt, Dadayara,Dhana,

Villages in Saharanpur district

Paniyali Kasimpur,

Villages in Moradabad District

Maanpur, Ramnagar Urf Rampura,

Villages in Shambal District

SalaKhana(सलखना )

Villages in Meerut District

Chhabariya, Khanpur, Parichhatgarh,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Churu district

Sindhar Jats live in: Bidasar

Villages in Nagaur district

Villages in Jaipur district

Villages in Ajmer district

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, Sehore

Distribution in Punjab

Distribution in Pakistan

Sandhu - The Sandhu are the largest Muslim Jat clan. They are found throughout central Punjab in many villages. They have played a significant role in the social and political spectrum of Pakistan. Many renowned Sandhu families lives in Lahore District (also known as Majha). They also have a considerable presence in Sheikhupura District, Sialkot District, Gujranwala District, Gujrat District and Faisalabad District (although the Pakistani Sandhu Jatts are the descendants of Sandhus who migrated from Punjab and Haryana).

According to 1911 census the Sandhu were the principal Muslim Jat clan in districts:

  • Sialkot District - Sandhu (5,054)
  • Gujranwala District - Sandhu (3,192)
  • Lahore District - Sandhu (9,965)
  • Amritsar District - Sandhu (2,054)
  • Gurdaspur District - Sandhu (783)
  • Gujrat District - Sandhu (3,442)
  • Shahpur (Sargodha District) District - Sandhu (504)
  • Lyalpur District (Faisalabad District) - Sandhu (3,659)

Notable persons from this gotra

  • Kikar Singh - Great wrestler of 20th century, who shot fame due to uprooting kikar tree.
  • Harpreet Singh Sandhu - IC-49602X Colonel Harpreet Singh Sandhu 5/1st Battalion The Gorkha Rifles Army. Awarded with Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty) on 26 January 2012.[21]
  • IC-51797M Colonel Harminder Singh Sandhu Rajput Regiment / 44th Battalion The Rashtriya Rifles Army. Awarded with Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty) on 26 January 2012.[22]
  • Col. O. P. Sandhu - Retd.Defence, 331 Sector 17-A, Defence Colony, Gurgaon, Haryana Ph: 0124-2340526, 9818062193 (PP-240)
  • Mr. S.S. Sandhu - Govt. Service ACP-ACB Delhi Police, 545, Hanuman Mandir Road, Chirag Delhi, New Delhi, Ph: 011-26464485 (PP-482)


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