List of Jat Dharmshalas

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Here is the List of Jat Dharmshalas


Uttar Pradesh



  • Jat Fauji Dharmshala, Yamuna Bridge Delhi. General Sir John Irvin Murray was so please with Jat Soldiers that he started calling himself a Jat. He designed the Regimental full dress on the pattern of native Jat dress which he is seen wearing in his Portrait in the main hall of Jat Dharmsala constructed in his memory near Jumna Bazar in Delhi-6 from the proceeds of his entire property which he had bequeathed to the Jats. (Ram Sarup Joon: History of the Jats/Chapter XIII,p.224)
  • Jat Dharmshala Pahadi Dheeraj Delhi
  • Jat Dharmshala Narela Delhi


Madhya Pradesh



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