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Jatrana (जटराणा)[1][2] Jatrana (जटराना)[3][4] Jatrana Jatu (जाटू)[5] Jatoo (जाटू)[6] Jatri (जत्री), Jitrana (जिटराणा) Jatu (जतू)[7] /(जातू)[8] [9] is a clan or gotra of Jats. [10] They are found in Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan,[11] Delhi in India.


Nagla Salaru, Mannakhedi and Udhal Hedi are main villages in Haridwar district. In Muzaffarnagar Khedagadhi, Datiana and 12 villages and Sof, Mayapur villages in Bijnor district are of Jatrana Jats. One of the villages in Bagpat (earlier came under District Meerut) is Dhanora Silver Nagar or locally called as Puthhi Dhanuara. They also live in Nangli Poona village of north Delhi.

H.A. Rose[12] writes: Jatu (जाटू), said to be a Tunwar (Tomar) clan who once held almost the whole of Hissar, and are still most numerous in that District and the neighbouring portions of Rohtak and Jind. When the great Chauhan Bisaldeo overthrew Anangpal II, the Tunwar (Tomar) king of Delhi, the Tunwar (Tomar)s were driven from Delhi to Jalopattan in the Shekhawati country north of Jaipur and there Dul Ram, a descendant of Anangpal, ruled. His son Jairat extended the Tunwar (Tomar) dominion to Bagar in Jaipur and the tract is still called the Tunwarwati. In fact the Tunwar (Tomar) of Hariana are said to have been divided into three clans named after and descended from, three brothers, Jatu, Raghu and Satraula, of which clans Jatu was by far the largest and most important, and once ruled from Bhiwani to Agroha. They are the hereditary enemies of the Punwar of Rohtak, and at length the sandhills of Mahm were fixed upon as the boundary between them, and are still known as Jatu Punwar ka daula or the Jatu-Punwar boundary. In Karnal, however, the Jatu describe themselves as Chauhan also.

Jairat (जैरात), the Tomar, had a son, Jatu, (so-called because he had hair, jata, on him at the time of his birth) by a Sankla Rajputni, and his son migrated to Sirsa where he married Palat Devi, daughter of Kanwarpal, a Siroha and sister of the mother of the great Guga Pir. Kanwarpal made the tract about Hansi over to his son-in-law and the latter sent for his brothers Raghu and Satraula from Jilopattan to share it with him. Jatu's sons, Sidh and Harpal, founded Rajli and Gurana villages, and on the overthrow of the Chauhan Rai Pithaura by the Muhammadans the Jatus extended their power over Agroha, Hansi, Hissar and Bhiwani, their boast being that they once ruled 1,440 kheras or settlements. Amrata also seized 40 villages in the Kanaud (Mohindargarh) ilaqa of Patiala. The three brothers, Jatu, Raghu and Satraula divided the pargana of Hansi into three tappas, each named after one of themselves. Umr Singh, one of their descendants took Tosham, and after him that ilaqa was named the Umrain tappa, while that of Bhiwani was called the Bachwau lappa, after one Bacho, a Jatu. At Siwani Jatu's descendants bore the title of Rai, those of Talwandi Rana that of Rana, while those at Kulheri were called Chaudhri.

Jatrana of Kadipur

Kadipur rajwada.jpg

Photograph (10.1.1915) of Haveli of Ch. Tek Chand Rana, who was Zaildar of Kadipur at the adoption ceremony of Maha Singh by Ch.Tek Chand. The Ceremony is joined by many prominent Jat nobles of Delhi region. The Zaildar of Khadipur Zail belonged to Jattrana clan of Jats.

Zail - Kadipur

Dynasty- Jattrana

Source - Jat Kshatriya Culture

Jatu Khap

Jatoo khap has 84 villages in Haryana in Hansi and Tohana areas. This khap includes many villages of Gurjars also. The Jatwan of this khap had played a great historical role in fighting against Muhammad Ghori (1173-1205). Jats of this khap under Jatwan besieged the Muslim commander of Hansi, Haryana, Nasrat Uddin; raised the siege and in an obstinate and fierce battle defeated the Muslims under Kutb Uddin Aibak (1193). [13]

जाटू खाप

23. जाटू खाप - हरियाणा के हांसी, टोहाना क्षेत्र में इस खाप के करीब 84 गांव हैं. इस खाप में कुछ गाँव गुर्जरों के भी शामिल हैं. इस खाप के महान सेनानायक जाटवान ने तैमूर और कुतुबुद्दीन ऐबक से भयानक युद्ध किए थे. जाटों के भामाशाह सेठ छाजू राम इसी खाप के सपूत थे. इसी खाप के कैप्टन रणजीत सिंह पंजाब के कैरो मंत्रिमंडल में मंत्री रहे हैं. [14]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

दलीप सिंह अहलावत[15] ने लिखा है - जटराणा - इस वंश की जाटू या जटराणा नाम पर ख्याति है। इनके मुजफ्फरनगर में दतियाना, खेड़ा गढी के समीप 12 गांव हैं। जिला रोहतक में गढ़ी कुंडल, कुजोपुर, सैदपुर, सोहटी गांव हैं। जिला बिजनौर में मायापुर, सोफतपुर, सहारनपुर में उदलहेड़ी, नंगला, सलारू, मन्नाखेड़ी जटराणा जाटों के प्रमुख गांव हैं।

Villages in Bagpat district

Dhanora Silver Nagar,

Villages in Mujaffarnagar district

Banat, Datiyana, Khedagadhi, Kheri Karmu, Muzaffarnagar, Nagla Mubarik, Nanheda,

Villages in Rampur district

Mewala Kalan,

Distribution in Uttarakhand

Villages in Haridwar district

Dahiyaki, Mandawali, Mannakhedi, Nagla Salaru, Udhalhedi

Distribution in Delhi

Jatrana Villages in Delhi are - Nangli Poona , Khera Kalan ,Khera Grahi Siras Pur , Kadi Pur , Shabaad Daulatpur , Budh Pur, Jindpur , Mukhmail Pur , Bijwasan, Kutabgarh.Mungespur

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Sonipat district

Hola Heri, Khera Grahi, Kundal Rampur, Garhi-Kundal, Ferozepur Bangar, Sohti, Saidpur, Jatola,

Village in Bhiwani district

Chirya (चिड़िया),

Villages in Gurgaon District


Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city


Villages in Sikar district

Barsinghpura (Palsana), Vijaypura,

Notable Persons

  • N.S.Rana - IPS from Nangli Poona.
  • S.S.Rana - IRS from Nangli Poona.
  • Mange Ram Jatrana, from Bijwasan village Delhi, was Metropolitan council member from Palam in 1972 from congress. He was Finance Executive Councilor equivalent to a Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi.
  • Jaswant Rana - MLA of Nerala area is Jatrana from Khera Kalan village.
  • Nishant Rana - Risk Manager in Canada is from Village Khera Kalan.
  • Shaurya Rana - 1st Canadian Citizen by birth from Village Khera Kalan
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Rana - Manager in USA from Dhanora Silver Nagar , Baghpat U P
  • Ch.Ram Kishan Rana - He belongs to Kundal Village in Sonipat district. He is an Ex. IAF-man. Living presently in Bhagwati Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. He is a Social worker and doing lot of for the community.
  • Kulwant Rana - MLA Rithala
  • J.S Rana - Deputy Commissioner, Dehradun hails from Nangli Poona, Delhi. A former Police Officer of UP cadre left the police service to join the civil stream.
  • Jagbir Singh Rana - Wing Commander (IAF) - He belongs to Kundal Village in Sonepat district, retired from IAF and presently residing at Rajender Nagar, Ghaziabad.
  • Chet Ram -teacher in Khera Garhi School, and CRZ High School Sonipat , Founded Arya Samaj Mandir Arya Nagar Kathmandi Sonipat.
  • Bhopal Singh Rana - B E from Delhi Engg College First to go abroad London in 1958 in the athgaoma villages of Jatrana belongs to village Khera Garhi
  • Sajjan Kaur -first girl to study matriculation in the athgaoma villages of Jatrana belongs to village Khera Garhi
  • Pratap Singh Rana- Under Secretary , Ministry of Home Affairs Govt of India belongs to village Khera Garhi
  • Abhishek Rana - Administrative Officer ,ICAR Ministry of Agriculture belongs to village Khera Garhi belongs to village Khera Garhi
  • Anupam Rana - Court Manager Punjab and Haryana High Court posted at Rohtak belongs to village Khera Garhi

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