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Malik (मलिक) [1] or Malak (मलक)/(मालक)[2] is gotra of Jats found in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. MALIK is one of the biggest gotras in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh with more than 760 villages. Malik Jats are mostly found in Distt. Muzaffarnagar in Western Uttar Pradesh. In Muzaffarnagar area there are 52 villages of this Gotra. This area is known as Gathwala-Khap. Malik Jats are found in Afghanistan also.[3]

There are seven gotras including Gathwala`s who write Malik as there surname; prominent among them are


List of the Mahabharata tribes includes Malika (मलिक) Mentioned in Geography of Mahabharata (VI.10.65) [4]

They are mentioned in the Markandeya Purana as people of the Central region of India. [5] The Gathvals are now designating themselves as Maliks, which is a title. [6]

Legend about Malik title

According to Niamtulla's Makhzan-i-Afghani and Hamdulla Mustaufi's Tarikh-i-Guzida, in the eighteenth generation from Adam was born Ibrahim one of whose decendants was Talut or Saul. Talut had two sons, one of whom was named Irmia or Jermia. Irmia had a son named Afghan, who is supposed to have given his name to the Afghan people. Qais, a descendant of Afghan, with many of his kins men or Bani Israel settled down in Ghor, joined the Prophert's standard, and was converted to Islam.The Prophet was so pleased with Qais that he gave him the name of Abdur Rashid, called him Malik [king] and Pethan [keel or rudder of a ship] for showing his people the path of Islam. This explains how the Afghan and Pathan came into being and how they all love the title of Malik. [7]

Battisa Khap

Battisa Khap was of Gathwala Gotra in 32 villages around Sonipat in Haryana. The number of villages has grown to 45 now. They wrote Malik now. Malik is their title and Bhainswal their Chaudharahat. [8]

Gathwala Khap

Gathwala Khap or Malik Khap has currently 52 villages in western Uttar Pradesh. Current head of Khap is Baba Harkishan Singh Malik. Head village is Lisad.

Distribution in Delhi

Katwaria Sarai,Masood pur

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district


Villages in Panipat district

Buana Lakhu, Kutnai, Mahrana, Nangal Kheri (Siwha Ghadi), Nimbri, Pathri, Raja Kheri, Risalu, Seenk, Ugrakheri,

Villages in Bhiwani district


Villages in Jind district

Nidana, Nirjan, Shamlo, Gatauli, Pauli, Pindara, Sandeel, Hasanpur

Villages in Kaithal district


Villages in Karnal district

Garhi Sadhan, Jhanjhari, Umarpur,

Villages in Sonipat district

Ahulana, Anwali, Bhainswal Kalan, Bidhal, Bhigan, BilBilan Dabarpur, Gamri, Jasrana, Kasandha, Khanpur Kalan, Kutani, Mahra (near Gohana), Mirzapur Kheri, Nayat/Niat (न्यात), Pinana, Piplikhera, Riwada, Rukhi, Sarakthla, Sardhana, Sersa, Tihara Kalan, Tihara Khurd,

Villages in Hissar district

Rakhi Khas Ramayan Gaon (रामायण गांव), Dhandheri (ढंढेरी), Depal देपल, Umra (उमरा), Sultanpur (सुल्तानपुर), Kanwari (कंवारी), Muzadpur (मुजादपुर) - all together known as SATBASS (सतबास), Parbhuwala, Satrod Khas,

Villages in Jhajjar district

Daboda Khurd , Mehrana

Villages in Mahendergarh district


Villages in Rohtak district

Kharawad, Mokhra,

Villages in Kurukshetra district

Mehra, Sarsa,

Villages in Yamunanagar district

Azizpur, Chhapper Mansurpur, Malakpur Bangar,

Distribution in UP

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

Adampur, Badhai Kalan, Chandanhedi, Chunsa, Fugana, Goharpur, Goyala, Hasanpur Hisawada, Jagaheri, Jhal, Kawal, Kabraut Kajikhera, Karoda Hathi, Karoda Mahajan, Kharar, Khera Mastan, Kiwana, Kudana, Kurawa, Lakh, Lishad, Malikpur, Moghpur, Mohammadpur, Mohammadpur Rai Singh Muzaffarnagar Pinana, Shonjani Jattan, Sunna, Khera Gadai

Villages in Meerut district

Atalpur, Bhadaura, Rahawati,

Villages in Shamli district


Villages in Bagpat district

Pura Mahadev, Hisawada

Villages in Bulandsahar district

Salabad Dhamaira (सलाबाद धमैडा)

Villages in Bijnor district

Nehtaur, Gazipur Bijnor (गाजीपुर), Sundarpur(सुन्दरपुर), Ravanpur (रावणपुर), Dhokalpur (धौकलपुर), Meerpur (मीरपुर), Ranheti (रैंहटी)

Villages in Saharanpur district

Feru Mazra

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Adarsh Nagar, Ganesh Colony (Khatipura), Jawahar Nagar, Mahavir Nagar I, Mansarowar Colony, Sanganer, Vaishali Nagar, Vasundhara Colony,

Villages in Alwar district


Villages in Hanumangarh district

Bharwana, Sangaria,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Malik gotra Jats are also found in Madhya Pradesh. They are found at Bhopal, Gwalior,and Ratlam.

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Ratlam 4,

Villages in Gwalior district

Gwalior, Lashkar (Gwalior), Morar (Gwalior),

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Firozpur district

Sherewala (Abohar),

Villages in Ludhiana district

Distribution in Uttarakhand

Villages in Haridwar

Thithiki Qavadpur (ठिथिकी क़वादपुर)

Distribution in Pakistan

Malik - The Malik are a Mulla Jat clan, and are also known as the Ghatwala. They were found in Sonepat and Rohtak in Haryana. Now they are found mainly in Okara, Sahiwal and Vehari districts.

Notable people from Malik gotra

  • Sabha Kaur - The daughter of Malik Jats and bahu of Ahlawats, who opposed the inhuman traditions of Nawabs of Kalanaur. She is said to be the cause of destruction of these Nawabs. (Jat Samaj:11/2013,p.23)
  • Ch. Dharambir Singh Malik a freedom fighter from Bidhal village in Sonepat district.
  • Ratiram Malik - the superman of 20th century
  • Raghvinder Malik - Actor/ Artist
  • Bhakt Phool Singh (Malik), founder Khanpur Gurukul alias BPS Women Univeristy Gohana- Sonipat
  • Rampal Shastri Ji (Malik), a close fellow of Bhagat Phool Singh, who worked very closely with Bhagat Ji and 1935' established Government High School Nidana-Jind, is due to all his motivations and efforts.
  • Swami Ratan Dev (Malik), founder Kanya Gurukul, Village Kharal, Narwana-Jind, in later days of life established the new building for Girl's High School in Nidana (thou paternal village), in fact this building was built for the purpose of establishing the second Kanya Gurukul of thou life but you left the world just during the phase of its extension and now this building is alloted to Government High School for Girls, Nidana.
  • Mahender Singh Malik, Ex. D.G.P. Haryana Police, native village Shamlo Kalan -Jind, Haryana, also the founder and man behind making the Nidani village famous as "Sports Village", where you can get all facilities for preparing international level wrestlers, boxers and atheletes. It all because of your visionary thinking.
  • Kulbeer Singh Malik, Ex. Speaker Vidhan Sabha Haryana and two times MLA from Julana constituency in Jind district of Haryana.
  • Meghna Malik - Actress
  • Jagmati Malik - Mata Jijabai Shram Shakti Award for woman empowerment
  • Anil Malik - IAS Chandigarh
  • Ajay Malik - Model
  • Dr. Kunwar P. Singh - Scientist & Head of the Environmental Chemistry Division, Industrial Toxicolgy Research Centre (ITRC), Lucknow
  • Vivek Malik
  • Harvinder Malik - A multi talented artist with expertise in the fields of Fine Arts, Television and Cinema.
  • Naik Bhim Singh Malik, Sena Medal
  • Dariyao Singh Malik
  • H S Malik - FSO UP (3 Galantry Award Winner, meritorious service award and first in Muzzaffarnagar distt to win galantry award)
  • Jitendra Malik - MP from Sonipat, Haryana -2009
  • Rahul Malik - NSUI Distt. president
  • H S Malik - IAS Haryana
  • Yogesh Malik, IFS Delhi
  • M R Malik - IPS Gurgaon
  • Yudhvir Singh Malik - IAS Chandigarh
  • G S Malik - IPS Gujarat
  • Amit Malik - IFS, Kerala, 1992
  • Shashi Malik, 5-7-1964, IFS Madhya Pradesh, 1993
  • P.K. Malik, 22-4-1964, IFS, Orissa, 1991
  • V.S. Malik, IFS, TamilNadu,1991
  • Vivek Gathwala - Gathwala Inc. group
  • abhijeet malik - basketball player( playing for victoria in australia in jrs.)
  • Dharmvir Malik - Educationist[9]
  • Ram Nivas Malik - from Panipat body building Mr north india and gold in under univercities in all india
  • Dhan Singh Malik, Narwana.
  • Gen. N.S.Malik (Muzzaffarnagar distt)
  • Yashpal Malik - President of All India Jat Reservation Agitation Committee.
  • Arushi Ajay Malik,I.A.S.,Jaipur,Rajasthan
  • Mimansa Malik - Anchor, Zee News
  • Sarabhi Malik - IAS (AIR-51), daughter of sh. Hoshiar Singh Malik IAS of village Bidhal , on Sonipat-Gohana Road. Her mother is novelist and Associate Prof. at Chandigarh.(Jat Jyoti:4/2013)
  • Deepa Malik - Asian Para Games, Only athlete who won silver medal in IPC Athletics World Championships. Recorded three times in Limka Book of Records. (Jat Jyoti:4/2013)

Gallery of Malik people

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